Publishing Your First Post on SVMHA

At first you might just look around on this website, and you don’t need to register on the site to see most of it. But after a while we hope you’ll join the discussion. Maybe you’d even like to volunteer and pitch in to help. To get started, just contact us so we can send you the “Invitation” email. That’s a special email sent to you by WordPress with a link in it that you use to begin the signup process. That’s needed before you can add anything to the discussion here. Once you’re signed up and logged in, you’ll notice extra options at the top of your SVMHA screen. You’ll probably want to explore them a little to see what’s there, and eventually you’ll come to the item named “New Post” at the top of the screen. When you click that, something like the following appears in part of your screen:

New Post Screen (on Firefox for the Mac)

At the top is a box to type in the Subject of your Post. Below that is the box where you type in the content of your post. NOTE: The “Kitchen Sink” Extra Tools described below have already been turned on in this example. After you’ve typed in your Subject and the content, you just click on “Publish” at the right. Here’s an example of what your edit screen might look like after you’ve started:

Post Edit Screen with sample text

If you volunteer, you’ll probably want to learn how to edit Pages and will be pleased to discover it’s almost identical. The one extra thing you’ll want to learn is how to use the “Insert/edit Link” icon (looks like a chain link). That way you can add to the list of articles on any Page you’re allowed to edit, like the list of Minutes on the Secretary’s page.

Here’s more info on editing, and what some of that screen’s icons are for:

  • JavaScript (JS) should be turned On in your web browsing software to get the best features including the remainder of the tips described below, but you can do many things even with JS Off.
  • Photos can be included with anything you write on this site by clicking New Post (with JS On) and then clicking the “Add an Image” icon after the words Upload/Insert.
  • Editing Tools such as Bold and Italic icons are in a row beneath the Upload/Insert line and above the input window – pause your mouse on an icon to show its info.
  • Extra Tools playfully named “Kitchen Sink” are turned on/off by clicking the last icon on the main Editing Tools icon line to show another row of icons including those described below.
  • Format tools may be found in the pulldown menu box at the start of the Kitchen Sink row of icons, such as Paragraph for normal text and Heading types (1=Largest).
  • MS Word format files may be pasted into the Edit Page input window by clicking the sixth icon on the second (Kitchen Sink) row of icons.
  • Custom Characters such as the arrow ↑, copyright © and heart ♥ symbols may be inserted by clicking the omega Ω icon.
  • Help is available while you’re in the Edit Page by simply clicking the ? icon (question mark inside a circle).
  • Curved Arrow icons are for Undo and Redo so it’s easy to experiment with the two rows of icons and be able to undo/redo your changes one by one.
  • When finished just click the Publish or Update button on the right.

NOTE: As an extra safety measure this website automatically tracks every Published version of each Page and Post, and you can use the “Revisions” list at the bottom of the Edit Page/Post screen to revert to any previous version of changes you or anyone else with access has Published to that Page/Post.


Author: SVMHA Web Admin

Has complete "Admin" access to this SVMHA website, and can provide various roles up to and including Admin to other volunteers. If you have questions or would consider helping in any way, please use the Contact form on the "OC" (Online Committee) page under the "HOA" heading of this website. Here's a shortcut link to that page: OC Contact Form.

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