Contributors Can’t?

At tonight’s Board meeting, Gene said he’d written something and clicked the “Publish” button. I was surprised that nothing seems to have shown up when he did that. I noticed in checking, that his access level (Role) was set to “Contributor” so maybe that’s why nothing showed up? I’ve upgraded his Role to Author, so when he tries again maybe it will work this time. Here’s a list of the different Roles people can have on this website, and a brief description of each:

  • Contributor – Can only write, but can’t edit.
  • Author – Can write, and can edit their own stuff.
  • Editor – All of the above, plus can edit other people’s stuff.
  • Administrator – All that, plus can change people’s Role and change the site layout.

You can read a more complete description of the Roles at this link.


Author: SVMHA Web Admin

Has complete "Admin" access to this SVMHA website, and can provide various roles up to and including Admin to other volunteers. If you have questions or would consider helping in any way, please use the Contact form on the "OC" (Online Committee) page under the "HOA" heading of this website. Here's a shortcut link to that page: OC Contact Form.

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