Email Duplicates

Someone just sent this:

“I posted something, or I thought  I did, but it came back to me as an email.  What gives????”

There’s a “Subscription” feature on our blog that notifies you of every new item you or anyone else adds. To change it, when you’re logged in to the SVMHA website click on the words “My Dashboard” near the left in the gray bar across the top of the screen (next to “My Account”). Then click the word “Dashboard” just below SVMHA near the top left, and you’ll see a list of items that ends with the word “Subscriptions” like this:

Subscriptions Screen (top left corner)
Subscriptions Screen (top left corner)

(click the above image if you’d like to enlarge it)

The “Subscription Management” screen shows what you’re subscribed to. If you click the “Settings” link near the top of this screen you’ll get some options for how your Subscriptions work, including a box to click if you don’t want any at all. I’ve left my Subscriptions on so that I’ll know if anyone has posted anything. This would probably be a good idea for everyone who’s a member of the Board or of the Online Committee (OC).

Author: John Wiley

I love flying and photography. My greatest joy is sharing these and life with Anne. We enjoy living in San Vicente, and we're happy to help.

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