Getting More Useful

Seems to me this website is getting more useful, and I’m celebrating that! Also feeling lots of appreciation to those who have stepped forward to help. All this techie stuff may seem overwhelming, so I hope everyone feels comfortable to just ignore it unless/until you’re interested. The basics we covered today (and maybe stuff on the Help page) are probably plenty to get people started making Comments and hopefully Posts. To edit the Pages you’ll want to understand making Links, but other than that is it mostly pretty easy?

Author: SVMHA Web Admin

Has complete "Admin" access to this SVMHA website, and can provide various roles up to and including Admin to other volunteers. If you have questions or would consider helping in any way, please use the Contact form on the "OC" (Online Committee) page under the "HOA" heading of this website. Here's a shortcut link to that page: OC Contact Form.

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