Letter opposing AB 761

Thanks to our neighbors, Sidona, Barbara, and Sandra, who cared enough about AB 761 that they put notices on our backdoors today with sample of what needs to be sent to Sacramento asap.

Since I typed a letter just now, I thought I’d put it on the website in case anyone wants to copy it and save typing their own.  I didn’t do an exact copy of what was sent, but did send what is below.  Certainly anyone can make any changes.  I just thought it might give people a start instead of typing it themselves.  You can just highlight and copy the letter below, and paste into whatever you typically use for writing letters (or call Sen. Corbett at 916-651-4010):

June 18, 2010

Senator Ellen Corbett
Chair, Senate Judiciary Committee
State Capitol, Room 2187
Sacramento, CA  95814

Dear Senator Corbett,
Please OPPOSE  AB 761

We ask your support in opposing AB 761.  The bill would raise rents anytime a mobile home is sold.  This would quickly escalate the cost of living in mobile homes, and eventually eliminate low-income homes for seniors and families.  This is not sensible at a time when there is already too little affordable housing in California.

Please preserve already existing affordable housing by voting NO on AB 761.

Thank you,

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