Good News: AB 761 Dies in Senate Judiciary Committee

According to a fellow mobile home owner at Rancho SB we hear this:
AB 761 Dies in Senate Judiciary Committee

The Senate Judiciary Committee vote on AB271 which threatened rent control, failed passage 1-3 on a party-line vote with Senators Corbett, Leno and Hancock supporting homeowners by voting no on the bill.

Although the bill was granted “reconsideration” that is merely a formality; the rules of the Senate require the bill to be out of committee by this Friday. Since there are no more hearings of the committee before Friday, the bill can not actually be “reconsidered” prior to the deadline.  As a result the bill is dead.

Our friend at Rancho SB extends Thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication and to Senators Leno, Hancock and Corbett for their support.

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