Important Disaster Prep Mtg, Thurs 7pm

The Disaster Preparedness Group is  meeting this Thursday Dec 2 at 7pm in the Clubhouse.  This committee URGENTLY needs new membership by park residents or is in danger of going on hiatus.  We are in a high-risk area for both brush fires and earthquakes.  Our planned response to such emergencies is imperative for all of us.  Some current members are leaving the group for reasons of health and personal choices at this point, having served a long time.  They feel they have done their part. and there is need for new people to step up.  Jim Pitney and Marc Allen are the people sponsoring the meeting as our acting DPG committee.  The committee has a lot of resources in place, and funding available, but needs membership and leadership.If you see the importance of an emergency response plan, and can help please come to the meeting or contact Jim or Mark.