A few points from 3-12-14 meeting

Audiences at each of the 3 meetings today were concerned that we would lose Rent Control for varied reasons.  Rob Rice stated that Rent Control exists on ALL mobile home parks in SB County, and that would continue unless rent control in general in the county was eliminated.   We have Senior Park status, needing someone over 55, but that is unrelated to rent control.   A couple of people said they were getting tax assessments by the city, but Rob Rice said they needed to check that because we are in the County, and they should not be getting assessments from the city. Continue reading “A few points from 3-12-14 meeting”


7pm Mtg Pic & Numbers

Someone else took meeting notes tonight and intends to post a summary. I missed part of the meeting, but what I saw was basically a repeat of the earlier two meetings today. Here’s a pic of tonight’s group.

190525 2014/03/12 MeetingWe counted about 40 people tonight, and estimate the day’s total for all three meetings at about 175. I found all three meetings to be fun, cordial and interesting. I look forward to sharing here Rob’s notes when he sends them to me.

New Contributors

I’m happy to report that we may soon have some new contributors on this website. It’s possible that the new Newsletter being started for our community may also be published here. If so, it would still be available via postal mail (possibly in mail tubes), and via email.

If you’d like to join those willing to invest the hour or less learning to create Posts here, please add a Comment (name and email address required, and kept private) and we’ll contact you to arrange it.

Meeting Notes

At today’s 1pm meeting, a few different topics came up so we plan to also attend the 7pm meeting. Rob Rice has kindly agreed to email me the notes he used for both the 11am and 2pm meetings (and presumably also the 7pm). He agreed that it could be helpful in keeping residents informed and involved, for me to post them here on the website. Hopefully this content will eventually expand to include the Management Newsletter he mentioned starting for SVMHP.

I didn’t take any notes at the 1pm meeting, but if I have any notes from the 7pm meeting I’ll post those later.

I’m excited at the possibility that we may be starting a dialog with management, including not just some of the SMHA (Homeowner’s Association) Board but also a survey of all residents that SVMHA will help to circulate and return to the management company.

Rules Update

As you may know, there were recently new rules proposed for SVMHP. Many residents were alarmed by some of the proposed changes, and at a 10am Clubhouse meeting today Rob Rice reviewed some of the questions he’s received. There will be additional meetings today, and interested residents are strongly encouraged to attend. I hope to post a summary from Rob, but in the meantime here are a few of my personal recollections from the meeting:

1. There is no intention to change the rent control or senior citizen status of SVMHP.

2. The change allowing 45 year old residents has been rescinded.

3. The change allowing 2 residents per bedroom plus one has been changed to a limit of three per home.

4. Residents will continue to be allowed to rent out their homes.

5. There will be an extended review period during which residents may share their ideas, preferences and concerns about proposed rule changes.

Overall, we were impressed with the friendly and reassuring tone of the meeting. Especially Rob’s explicit mention of wanting to involve residents, via the Homeowner’s Association, in dialog before implementing changes to the park rules.