From Rob Rice: Notes

Below are the notes Rob Rice used during the three informational meetings he held at the SV Clubhouse 3/12/2014. He has kindly provided these brief notes at our request in the hope that they may be helpful for those who were unable to attend. Like the meeting, his notes include clarifications on some key points in the initial proposed Rules changes; there is mention of the lease renewal process; and there is a Q&A section responding to selected questions he received from homeowners. Here then are the notes:



Park to remain a 55+ Park.



Only 2 occupants per home, with a third ONLY as a caregiver



All current homeowner’s will be Grandfathered to remain with the 2006 R&R policy on rentals.

Possible to change to all new homeowners NOT be allowed to rent, unless due to health situations as specified in MRL.



The streets in San Vicente are wide enough for adequate vehicle passage and parking. On street parking is allowed by residents and guests for home maintenance and convenience. Residents may park their motorhomes and trailers on the street in front of their mobile home for up to 90 minutes for loading and unloading only. Motorhomes may not be left unattended when parked on street for this purpose. Overnight parking on streets after 12:00 P.M. is prohibited. Sleeping in vehicles is prohibited.

PROPERTY LEASE UPDATE: Meetings to begin with The St. Vincent’s Sisters in 2015 to determine if the lease will be extended or if the Sister’s will take over the property in July 2017. Always to be a mobile home park.

We would like a Survey to be conducted by the SV HOA to get a true consensus of various issues pertaining to homeowner’s at San Vicente.

From the Desk of Rob Rice” in Monthly Look Book.

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1. If you sell your home in the park, could you remove and take with you plantings that you installed (Special Rose Bush or cactus) ?

Yes, as long as you let your realtor/buyer know and that it is added to the sales agreement.

2. Are there setbacks standards on all sides of the mobile home?

Yes, County Code enforces these setbacks

3. Can live-in caregiver’s use the recreational facilities unaccompanied by resident?


4. Can the tenant (Roommate) of a homeowner be permitted to use recreational facilities unaccompanied?

Yes, all roommates must be registered with management.

5. There are about 8 homes in the park that have been sitting empty for years, they are generally the roughest looking and overgrown properties in the park. Can something be done with these properties?

Yes, management will be more pro-active in reviewing each property and notifying the homeowner of necessary repairs or maintenance.

6. Why can’t Dog owners responsibly walk their dogs through the park, including common areas?

If a consensus of park residents feel this way, we can make the change. To be part of HOA Survey.

7. Shed Size 100 SQ. FT. or 120 SQ.FT.?

Shed size is a typo, it is 120 Square Feet, and the height can go higher if it is under the carport, and the carport is higher than 10 feet.

8. Who determines who has “Junky Yards”? Should other residents advise management.

Notify management by dropping a note thru the office door or use the suggestion Box for the HOA.


9. Why not let homeowner’s wash down their driveways once a month? Sweeping does not get the job done.

Under the current water shortage, I would say NO, but once this shortage is eased, I see no problem with this change. Re-address after drought.


10. When you have room in a carport why not have a Cab-over Camper? Would be helpful if you had to evacuate.

Carports are designated for two cars and we have a RV Lots of others.


11. Can’t Grandchildren stay with residents for Holiday’s even if they are not 45?

Yes, any age guest is allowed to stay no longer that a cumulative 30 days in any twelve month period.


12. Does anyone ever check to be sure that live-in care is being given? Is this 24 hour care?

The office has a doctor’s letter stating that the homeowner is in need of a caregiver and to what extent they are needed. Daily or 24 hour care.


13. When are more signs and stop signs going to be installed?

We need input as to where you feel we need more signage. Another HOA Survey topic.


14. Why can park employees enter a homesite between 9 and 5 when park hours are not that range?

9 to 5 are considered regular business hours, not 7 to 3:30, unless there is a major problem, like a water break, we will always get permission from the homeowner.


15. Are their plans to provide additional guest parking spaces?

We have considered adding a few spaces up by the clubhouse. HOA Survey.


16. Can 10 MPH be painted on Gatehouse street pavement? It is a freeway!

Great Idea, YES we will add it at BOTH entry gates


17. When re-painting our home, is it necessary to get park management approval, if we are painting the home the same color?

To be reviewed by Owners and management


18. Please change garbage pick-up to Monday Household and Thursday Re-cycle?

Will add this question to the HOA Survey


19. What is the purpose of having everyone’s name on the board at the front gate? We are not comfortable having our name and address posted for anyone to use for whatever reason?

To get in gate we have a code number to dial each home, When it rings in your home you can ask who is there, and if you don’t know them you don’t open the gate.


20. The Rule #7H states minimum with for a mobilehome is 24 feet, the architectural Standards #2A state a minimum of 20 feet. Which is correct?

It is a typo, but it depends on the lot, and most lots will easily hand a 24 foot wide home.


21. What is the definition of the Park Permit DR-8T

This is the county zone code for Mobile Home Parks


22. Placing campaign signs in the window or side of the mobile home, Can you place an “A” to “H” type of sign in front yard?

California Civil Code 798.51 (e) states that you may have one sign not to exceed six square feet . 90 days prior and 15 days after an election.


23. How come “Ham” or “CB” radios or other radio transmitters may not be operated in the park?

We feel this should be revised for disaster preparedness in case cell phone usage is lost.


24. Dog Sitter ?

to be determined


25. Pets in the Clubhouse

to be in survey HOA


26. Emergency Contact: To follow up and get back to homeowner with status.

Will check with Answering Service to update



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