Nov.’14 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2014

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Ronnie Sumter, Jack Jackson, Cheryl Mrachek
Board Members Present: Lilith Imbrogno,
Pat Haden, Susanna Lavorin, Mark Allen, Paul Ortega
Board Members Absent: Tony Jimenez

Guests: Tony and Brenda Spinella, Charlene Hovey, Maryalice and Doug Winniford, Tom and Barbara Noyes, Cindy and Bob Enderby, Jo and Don Webb, Pat Beattie, Pat Del Giorgio, Rich Hoag, Barbara Shapiro, Pat and Frank Biber, Karen and Gil Zuniga, Anne and John Wiley, Betty Ortega and Mollie Mann.

Bob Mann, president, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The Board Association Minutes of June 12, 2014 were read and approved with one correction. Paul Ortega attended that meeting and was not absent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jack Jackson reported as of the end of October, the checking account balance is $2400.62.  In addition, legal defense fund balance is $19,374.06.  Jack also reported that paid membership is now at 173.

DPG Report:  Mark Allen reported the Pancake Breakfast went well and netted $25 after expenses.  The gas in the cans for emergency use was emptied out and given to maintenance to be used as it was getting too old.  It will be replaced.

Social Committee Report:  Ronnie reported that the Christmas Dinner/ Social Event is November 30th.  The Silver Follies have been booked and will make good use of the Club House’s new dance floor!  Closing date is November 24th.

Actions taken by the Board since June 12th meeting:

Old Business:  The change in Trash pickup and recycle days went smoothly.

Possibility of a Dumpster be made available for large items to be discarded   The Board is hoping this will be soon after the holidays.  More to come on this.

Could rules be added to SVMHA web site? Update:  Yes, it will be done but will have to wait until a final copy of the rules is printed.  Board has been informed that a committee of six is working on the Rules and Regulations.  This committee is working hard on streamlining and aligning to make them easier for the reader to find the information.  The Board is expecting copies very soon.

Announcements/New Business:

Meet and Confer for January 8, 2015:  It has been suggested that at our January Meeting/Chili dinner/election of new officers that Management will hold a question/answer session also at that time.

Capital improvement (entry gate system) management does have the right to pass through the costs.  Several people attending objected to the way it was presented to the residents and would like to know ahead of time what is being planned for the future so they have the time to plan financially.   They also would like clarification as to what management is required to do (notification, bids, and financial costs)    Most residents understand the need to replace an old and outdated entry system but would like more advanced warning and possibly to confer before it is “dumped” on them with no notice.

Dog Park:  Residents thanked Management for spraying the dog park for fleas which apparently had become a problem and it was quickly taken care of.  They would like a second pass to get the eggs and larvae that was missed the first time.

Next Board meeting will be December 11, 2014 at 7 P.M. in the Clubhouse. This meeting will address HOA membership especially new arrivals to our Park. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00.


Author: SVMHA Web Admin

Has complete "Admin" access to this SVMHA website, and can provide various roles up to and including Admin to other volunteers. If you have questions or would consider helping in any way, please use the Contact form on the "OC" (Online Committee) page under the "HOA" heading of this website. Here's a shortcut link to that page: OC Contact Form.

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