My Notes – Proposed Rules

Here are my personal notes from the 12/15/2014 meeting reviewing the proposed rules changes for SVMHP. These are not formal minutes so I didn’t take notes on all of the discussion, instead focusing on my own interests. But I’m including in this post some links for other info. After the meeting, Stuart said he’ll send me the revised edition of the proposed rules so I can post it here on the website.

Speaking of Stuart, several in the audience lauded the great work being done by him and Rob. We had several different hearty rounds of applause in appreciation of the improved relationship between owners and management.

Here then are my notes, cited by page and item number (e.g. p2-3E) for each of the three sections circulated on the printed version:

Rules & Regulations
p2-4 As written, up to seven (7) people could live in a 3BR home  (2 per bedroom+1) – Stuart & Rob said this derives from state regulations in the MRL. I’ve not yet been able to find any reference to that in the MRL which I found on this page online during the meeting, in this PDF version. Stuart said it might be in a different state regulation, and that he’ll discuss it with me privately. This item is of great concern to me, because it could lead SVMHP to become like the Nomad park with lots of traffic and parking problems. I’d like to see it either removed from the proposed rules or better yet specified as a limit of two residents (with option for caregivers) per home. Just now in typing this up after the meeting I found this PDF of MRL frequent questions stating: “… The HUD standard (2 persons per bedroom, plus 1) is a guideline, not the law.” [p.105 #32]

p2-3E 6% late charge 5 days – eStatements may be available in 2015. Stuart spoke with the billing company they work with and was told they’re working to add electronic statements for the convenience of those who would use such a service. In the meantime Stuart has recently been kind enough to email us our statements, and we have been paying them via electronic banking.

p2-5 enforcement private – Stuart indicated that the intent is that owners and management try working together first. I would still like to see it striken from the proposed rules, since their management style makes it irrelevant and it wouldn’t hold up in court anyway. To me it seems concerning to have such language in what are otherwise mostly friendly and sensible rules.

p6-11A Stuart & Rob said this derives from state law, and that only a few days of notice are actually required and typical here.

p7-14C Stuart says that despite this rule, visitors are ok parking on the street for a few hours for dinner, etc. He likes having the rule in case a resident has visitors frequently parking for long periods and obstructing traffic or other residents access.


Architectural Standards
p3-6c Several people asked about existing aluminum siding. Rob and Stuart said that’s fine, and the rule only applies to new homes or major remodels.

p4-6h Stuart indicated that again there is some flexibility, and the intent is visual tidiness.

p5-6m Air Conditioners – Stuart says the intent is pre-approval before installing a whole house air conditioning system. As noted in the old rules, such units tax the electrical capacity of our entire mobile home park and if everyone installed one it would overload and shut down our electrical system. It does not apply to window air conditioners that are hidden from street view. Stuart said he will review and clarify that text.

p5-6p I asked about the new prohibition on all TV antennas, since that was allowed in the old rules and is protected by the U.S. Constitution. He said that small antennas ok, with placement and height limitations as before. The intent is to prevent large and obtrusive antennas that detract from visual appearance or obstruct views.
Pet Rules
p2-5 Walking Pets – Stuart proposes to install a walking path along the green belt through both parks. There was much discussion of this item, with pet owners advocating for freely walking leashed pets and some residents concerned about use of their yards and especially if the droppings are not picked up.

Those are my notes, and I welcome any Comments. Do you like having people post notes like these on the website? Would you like to see photos and other content posted here more often? Is it helpful to have links, newsletters, meeting minutes and other material posted here? I obviously do, and greatly appreciate the Calendar that Tony has been posting.


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