May 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2014

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Ronnie Sumter

Board Members Present: Tony Jimenez, Lilith Imbrogno, Paul Ortega, Pat Haden, Susanna Lavorin

Board Members Absent: Mark Allen, Cheryl Mrachek, Jack Jackson

Guests: Tony and Brenda Spinella, Ellen Duke, Betty Ortega, Mary Helen Nunes, Pat Beattie, Sid Slaff, Donna and George Misbeek, Donnie Becker, Colin and Angela Stephens, John and Anne Wiley, Barbara Faulkner and Mollie Mann.

Bob Mann, president, called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. The Board Association

Minutes of April 10, 2014 were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Mann, in Jack’s absence, reported as of the end of April, the checking account balance is $2275.62 after expenses of $2312.00 for D and O Insurance and $29.08 for supplies. In addition; legal defense fund balance is $19,351.57. Bob also reported that paid membership is now at 170.

DPG Report: None

Social Committee Report: Cinco de Mayo was a success, free Ice Cream social on June 8 and upcoming 4th of July bar b que. Ronnie reported the Silver Follies has been booked for our Christmas dinner. Details to come.

Actions taken by the Board since April 10th meeting:

Soft Water at car wash: Spoke with maintenance. They will monitor the situation and either get a larger capacity tank or have tank exchanged every week.

New Business discussions:

Board was asked to look into:

What do owners of rentals receive in way of correspondence?

Are renters getting a copy of the rules and regulations?

Can Management look into possible Genset purchase to power all clubhouse facilities? (Possible grant)? Possible to have Solar panels on street lights when power is out?

Could a Dumpster be made available for large items to be discarded, (like at Rancho).


Could rules be added to SVMHA web site?

Speeding on Gatehouse and Stagecoach was brought up again.

Tony Spinella reports that the Park Calendar on the website shows 3 months in advance.

The San Vicente Voice will be debuting soon. The HOA was asked to contribute updates. John Wiley discussed possible more involvement between the Sisters and a strong HOA.

Website address is:

Next Board meeting will be June 12, 2014 at 7 P.M. at the Clubhouse. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00



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