02/13/2014 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes, February 13, 2014

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Jack Jackson, Cheryl Mrachek,
Board Members Present: Pat Haden, Tony Jimenez, Susanna Lavorin, Lilith Imbrogno
Board Members Absent: Ronnie Sumter, Mark Allen, Paul Ortega

Guests: Tony and Brenda Spinella, Donnie Becker, Pat DelGiorgio, Don and Joella
Webb, Charlene Hovey, Frank and Pat Biber, Doug and MaryAlice Winniford,
George and Joanne Meers, Mollie Mann, Gail Weeks

Bob Mann, president, called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. The Board Association
Minutes of January 22, 2014 were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Jack Jackson said the 2 page handout with a coupon placed in everyone’s tube to pay your annual Homeowners’ Dues was very successful. He reported that paid membership is now at 138 for the year.
Social Committee Report: Valentines’ party, St Patrick’s Day dinner, a May event and July 4th events are all upcoming events to attend. The will be a carport sale overseen by Sandy Reid. Possible new Look Book will be overseen by Rochelle Lord. Pat Biber has resigned from the Social Committee after many years of service.

Actions taken by the Board since January 9th meeting:

Landscaping Issues: Concern about the cutting and pruning of oak trees on the west side of the park was determined to be done by Rancho Santa Barbara’s maintenance crew. San Vicente’s side was not trimmed.
Both Rancho and San Vicente’s crews have participated in a class given by an arborist on February 5th. This was the idea of some of our residents who arranged for the arborist.
Overwatering by the back gate and the leaky hose bib at the tennis courts have been taken care of by Maintenance.
Bare area that had been rutted and tractor trampled has been replanted by Maintenance.
Ten Key Entry Lighting: Discussion with management determined that the ten-key already lights up when used but does go dim after a short period.
What exactly does the HOA do? Composed and distributed 2 page letter in a legal size envelope to each tube in the park. This letter explains the mission and purpose of the Homeowners’ Association and why it is important to become a member. The letter included an easy pay coupon to be returned in the envelope provided.
San Vicente Water Wells After discussion with management concerns about our water wells and the lack of water in our county and state it was determined that San Vicente has 4 wells and there is a contingency plan if the wells were to dry up.

New Business discussions: Discussion of the new rules that allows a person of 45 years of age to live in our Park. Questions were raised that might uncover “loopholes” in the new rules. Bob Mann read the section in the MRL for Senior Parks that to keep Senior Park rating no more then 20% of residents can be under age 55. Attendees were reminded to get your questions into Rob Rice on the form he provided in the new rules before February 28th. It was decided that the Board would get in contact with GSMOL.

Board members requested everyone contact their neighbors and encourage them to join the HOA if they haven’t already.

Discussion of dogs in the clubhouse, dining and kitchen areas. It is likely that signs will be posted that dogs can only be in the office area of the Clubhouse.

Discussion of why owners who signed rules when they first moved in (which allowed renters) now have to fall under the new rules. Should they be grandfathered in?

The next Board meeting will be March 13, 2014 at 7 P.M. at the Clubhouse.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:14.


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