03/13/2014 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2014


Officers Present: Bob Mann, Jack Jackson, Cheryl Mrachek, Ronnie Sumter

Board Members Present: Pat Haden, Tony Jimenez, Susanna Lavorin, Lilith Imbrogno, Mark Allen, Paul Ortega


Guests: Tony and Brenda Spinella, Tom and Barbara Noyes, George and Donna Misbeek, Tony Armendariz, Elizabeth Ortega, Jerry Winters, Gil Zuniga, Chuck and Lesley Champlin (Eva Randel) and Mollie Mann


Bob Mann, president, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The Board Association

Minutes of February 13, 2014 were approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Jack Jackson said as of the end of February, the checking account balance is $4, 021.70   In addition; legal defense fund balance is $19,351.57.   He also stated that the insurance policy for the Board members through Brown and Brown has jumped from $2188 (last year) to $3650 for 2014. Jack contacted the Board from Rancho next door and they are paying considerably less through Tim Baxter. We will get a bid from their company. Jack also reported that paid membership is now at 157 for the year.


Social Committee Report: St Patrick’s Day dinner, Easter brunch on April 12th, Cinco de Mayo taco lunch and July 4th events are all upcoming events to attend. The carport sale will be overseen by Sandy Reid is coming up soon. The new San Vicente Look Book will be overseen by Rochelle Lord and Sandy Reid.

Actions taken by the Board since February13th meeting:


Hot Button Topics   Age 45+ and Sub-letting Issues: Concern about the new rules package was well documented by the Board. The Board sent out an email on February 16th urging all residents to respond to Management on these two topics. Most residents were understandably upset with the possibility of lowering the age of one resident per unit to age 45 and the issue of subletting of their homes. Responding to homeowners’ concerns the Board met with Mr. Rice on March 4, 2014. At that meeting Mr. Rice informed the Board that age 45 would be taken off the table.


Furthermore, Mr. Rice discussed with the Board at that same meeting that most likely subletting would be grandfathered in but only to residents already residing here under the 2006 rules.   Mr. Rice requested we only report that age 45 was removed but wanted time to confer with the lawyers concerning subletting and to keep the news about rentals in confidence. The Board kept their word and only reported in their March 4th email passing on the good news that age 55+ would be kept and did not mention subletting in their email and waited for distribution of Mr. Rice’s March 10, 2014 letter to all residents.


In addition, Board members individually tried to reach as many residents as they could who do not have emails by personally talking to them or phone calls. The Board encouraged all to attend the March 12th meeting with Mr. Rice and to make sure they returned Page 2 of the New Rules packet to document their concerns


San Vicente Website There has been progress in the movement toward getting the San Vicente Website up and running again. For those who did not know, it has been in existence for some time now thanks to residents, John and Ann Wiley. However, it had fell into disuse but interest has been steadily trending upward as more residents move in with email addresses. This would be an excellent tool to keep informed on many different activities and news. The address is: svmha.wordpress.com . More information to come so keep posted.


Old Business discussions: Bob Mann read portions of emails sent by the Board on February 16. The email list compiled by the Board was then used by others (non-Association members) to advance their agenda. This was not authorized and emails will now be sent with more privacy in mind.


New Business discussions: Review of the discussions of the new rules with Mr. Rice on March 12, 2014 noted the meetings were great. At those meetings, Mr. Rice requested that complaints must go from Home owners to the Board before going to Mr. Rice. In addition, he asked that the Homeowners’ Association do a survey of all park residents on various topics: dogs, garbage junk yards, guest rules, speed limit, names taken off the public board at entrances, house painting of coaches, inheritance rights, stop signs increased and many more. The survey will be put together by the Board, presented to Mr. Rice and from there distributed to all residents. Surveys are then to be returned to the HOA box at the Clubhouse. The results will be compiled by the HOA and given to Mr. Rice for action.


The upcoming lease that ends in 2017 is only to decide whether the Rice and Parker family will continue to manage the park.


The next Board meeting will be April 10, 2014 at 7 P.M. at the Clubhouse. This is a Quarterly Meeting for membership.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:23.





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