Online Committee Minutes Feb 13 2015

Online Committee of SVMHOA  Minutes – February 13, 2015

The committee met at 3:00 pm at the home of John and Anne Wiley. John and Anne Wiley, Tony Spinella, Patty Byrum and Ellen Duke attended. John led the committee in establishing an agenda:

  1. Features of the website
  2. OC rules and guidelines development (consider password area?)
  3. Posting of HOA bylaws, park rules and regulations, etc.
  4. Report recommended changes to HOA board, then implement

FEATURES: After reviewing the website features; theme, menus, pages, format, etc., it was suggested that

  • The theme be changed so the Calendar has wider columns. (John looking into this.)
  • The home page be focused on directing users to areas of interest. It was agreed to move the “latest posts” to their own page, and a new homepage menu was proposed:

   Home     Calendar    Social      Latest      HOA      DPG     Help

Each of these will have drop-down menus which appear when the cursor is over the topic.

  • The search feature is important and will appear in all sections. This enables users to look for posts on a particular category (examples of some possible categories: pets, minutes, classifieds, rules, recipes, stories, events, photos). Comments may be limited to one page.
  • Committee members are considering dropdown menu topics and will circulate suggestions for 10 search categories to committee members for comment before next meeting.
  • There is interest in being able to show summaries of the “latest” posts rather than the whole posts on the “Latest” page; John offered to check this out.

[update: Demo of “Summary” implemented here, using the More feature. Note that it only works on the Latest page, and not when reading the Minutes post directly (where the post is displayed in full and the link itself will not be visible). Also, it must be manually inserted at the point in each post where you’d like the summary to stop with a “Continue…” link. For example on the Latest page, to read the rest of these Minutes click Continue below and you will be taken to a position just below this text on the full post.]

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