Pet Regulations

Pet Rules and Agreement

(Revised January 2015)

Section 798.339(a) of the California Civil Code provides that: “No lease or rental agreement entered into, modified, or renewed on or after January 1, 2001, shall prohibit a homeowner from keeping at least one pet within the park, subject to reasonable rules and regulations of the park.” Accordingly, a Homeowner who wishes to keep a pet, in the park must obtain written permission from Park Management and must complete and submit the information requested on the space provided on this agreement. If the pet is approved, the Homeowner must further execute this agreement and comply with all the Rules and Regulations contained therein. The Homeowner understands and agrees that only Homeowners or guests may bring a pet into the mobile home community.

No illegal, dangerous, exotic, or poisonous animals are permitted. Only the following kinds of pets are allowed in San Vicente Mobile Home Park:

• Dogs, whose average weight at maturity does not, according to the Encyclopedia of Dogs, typically exceed 35 pounds
• Specifically excluded are: Chows, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Pit Bull mix, Rottweiler and any other breed known to have aggressive tendencies
• Cats

• Domestic birds, excluding poultry

• Fish and other aquatic animals

• Other animals agreed upon by the Homeowner and Park Management

Homeowner: Space #

Type of pet(s): Breed:

Name of pet: Description, color and distinctive


1. No more than one (1) dog or two (2) cats or two (2) birds or other animals as agreed upon by the Homeowner and Park Management may reside in the home. Aquatic animals are not limited as to number, but must be kept in an aquarium of suitable size
2. Homeowner must comply with all state or local laws, regulations or ordinances. governing pets, including those laws dealing with inoculations and licensing. A copy of required licenses, inoculation certificates or other such documents shall be provided to Park Management as required by law.
3. Park Management encourages spaying or neutering of cats and dogs residing in the Park. In the event of offspring (dog/cat) immediately contact Park Management for interim permission to keep the offspring until such time as they can be relocated. Homeowner agrees to relocate all offspring within three (3) months of their birth.
4. Except for dogs and cats, the approved pet(s) shall have a suitable cage, aquarium or enclosure inside the mobile home.
5. Allowed pets shall be kept inside the mobile home and shall not be brought out except as follows:
A dog or cat may be brought outside to be walked on a leash on the Park’s streets and common lawn areas. A dog or cat is allowed outside within the boundaries of the Homeowner’s space provided the animal is on a leash or in a secure enclosure. In no event shall a pet be allowed on or in the following common areas of the Park; clubhouse, pool and spa area, laundry building and weight room/shuffleboard court area.
6. The Homeowner is responsible for immediately picking up and properly disposing of animal droppings. The pet shall not be allowed to urinate or defecate on the space of another homeowner. Failure to abide by this provision may be grounds for requiring the removal of the pet from the park.
7. If a pet is found running loose, Park Management will alert Santa Barbara County Animal Control to pick the animal up. Park Management is not required to locate the owner or give notice. All fees charged by Santa Barbara County Animal Control are at Homeowner’s expense.
8. Homeowner shall restrain the pet(s) from making loud or disturbing noises or engaging in any disturbing behavior. Such behavior shall include without limitation, attacking, growling, lunging, biting, howling or excessive barking. Park Management may require the permanent removal of any pet if after giving written notice to the Homeowner a pet continues behaviors that disturb other Residents

9. Homeowners shall maintain each pet so as to avoid any odor or sanitation problems, which reasonably disturb neighbors.
10. In the event of the death of a pet other than a bird or an aquatic animal, the homeowner must obtain written permission for another pet. Such permission must be obtained prior to acquiring the new pet.
11. Burying of deceased pets anywhere within the property lines of San Vicente Mobile Home

Park is strictly prohibited.

12. Food for pets may not be left outdoors.

Failure of a Homeowner to remove a pet from the park when management requires removal shall constitute a violation of Park Rules and Regulations and all rights and remedies under the law shall become available to both Homeowner and Park Management.
The Homeowner understands and agrees that the Homeowner shall be responsible and liable for any injury, damage, loss, expense, harm, liability, claim, demand, suit and cause for action arising form or substantially the result of the keeping of the pet. Homeowner therefore agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Leasehold Owner, Park Management and it’s employees, agents and representatives, free and harmless from liability, including the cost of providing a defense.

I have read the above Pet Rules and hereby agree to comply.

Date: Homeowner:

Date: Homeowner:

Permission is granted to keep the pet(s) described in this document.

Date: Park Manager:

The following required documents have been received:

Photo of Pet

Copy of License

Copy of rabies vaccination certificate