Disclosure Letter

Below is a copy of an official letter given to prospective residents, reproduced here for your convenience. Note that the Disclosure Form it references is not available online, and instead should be picked up at the SVMHP management office.

San Vicente Mobile Home Park

Dear Prospective Resident,

We are proud of our community and hope that you will find it to be an attractive place in which to live and enjoy our common areas and facilities. As you will notice, attached to this letter is a Disclosure Form that we are required to provide to you under California law. While this Form is not a warranty and is not a substitute for your own inspection, it is intended to provide you with information about the common areas and facilities listed in the form. If you have any questions about the Disclosure Form, please contact the Park Office for an explanation or answer. As you read the Disclosure Form, please keep the following in mind: Continue reading “Disclosure Letter”