03/12/2015 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2015

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Paul Ortega, Cheryl Mrachek, Ronnie Sumter

Board Members Present: Jack Jackson, Tony Jimenez, Lilith Imbrogno, Pat Haden,

Ellen Duke

Board Members Absent: Don Webb, Mark Allen

Guests: Jerry Winters, Mollie Mann, Brenda and Tony Spinella, Stanley and Patty Byrum, Colin and Angela Stephens, Debbie Dodge, Barbara Faulkner, Phyllis Barrowcliff, Charlene Hovey, and Anne and John Wiley.

Bob Mann, president, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The Board Association

Minutes of February 12th, 2015 were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Paul Ortega reported as of February 15th, the checking account balance is $3,868.76. In addition, legal defense fund balance is $19,396.79. Paul also reported that the interest on the CD was $22.00. Paid membership for 2015 is 134.

DPG Report: None

Social Committee Report: Mollie Mann reported that the Social Committee has made the Happy Hour a monthly event to be held on the third Thursday of each month. Next Happy Hour is March 19th from 5:00 to 6:30 pm. Attendees are asked to bring an appetizer for 8-12 persons for this event. There is no charge. Reminder that Doughnuts and Coffee is the 1st Wednesday of every month and April 26th will be Spring Brunch.

Actions taken by the Board since February 12th meeting:

Old Business:

Dumpster will be made available for large items to be discarded Reminder that spring cleaning will start on Wednesday, April 15 thru Friday, April 24. (If you have furniture or large items that are still useful we suggest that you call Alpha or other organizations that could use the items). There will also be an area for electronic waste and paint to be discarded.

No paint thinner nor insecticides can be accepted. Community West Bank will have a shredding event after April 15th. Details on the shredding to come.

Again, speeding complaints Still is ongoing problem and much discussed at the meeting again. Due to more speeding complaints, particularly at the intersection of Round Tree and Gatehouse, Miguel and management have decided to put a speed bump at that intersection. Residents continue to hope that leadfoots will slow down on their own. Interest is high for the Speed Limit to be painted on the street.

Announcement/New Business: Ellen Duke with John Wiley did a presentation about the San Vicente’s website. It now has a lot of enhancements and the Board encourages San Vicente residents to check it out at svmha.wordpress.com.

The ramp walkway from the overflow parking at the bottom of the Clubhouse should have some type of handrail installed and the sidewalk itself is very uneven and needs attention. The Board will take this idea to Stuart.

In addition, the parking in front of Space #1 for caregivers still needs to be addressed. There are still multiple vehicles being parked in the RV Storage lot.

Resident inquired into advertising outside of the park for a Craft Show for residents.

Some of the Board members will be scheduling appointments with FedEx, UPS and Easy Lift to request that their drivers maintain the 10 MPH speed limit.

HOA Dues for 2015: Dues for 2015 are due. $40 if you are a first time member or $15 to renew your membership. Please include your email address if the Board doesn’t already have it so news, reminders and monthly minutes can be emailed to you. Just drop at #207 or at the Clubhouse in the HOA box. Please encourage your neighbors to join and support your HOA. Currently 134 members have already paid their dues.

Next Board meeting will be April 9th, 2015 at 7 P.M. in the Clubhouse. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.