Grab and Go Box

“Grab and Go” Box
In the event of an emergency or disaster in or affecting Santa Barbara County you will want to be, prepared by having an evacuation “Grab and Go” Box. The grab and go checklist from 5/12/2015 meeting is linked here.
Evacuation “Grab and Go” Box

Your “Grab and Go” Box should include:

Cash for several days’ living expenses.

Emergency and. other important phone numbers. Include local and toll-free.

Extra pair of eyeglasses/contacts.

Names and contact information for:

  • Doctors, pharmaciese.
  • List of medications
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Insurance companies (include your local agent and the company headquarters.)
  • Credit card companies
  • Family/friends photos or disks of photos or on an external hard drive.


Labeled photos of family members and pets

Copies of these documents:

  • Prescriptions for medications and eyeglasses
  • Health, dental, and prescription insurance cards or numbers
  • Homeowners, auto, flood or renter’s insurance policies and policy numbers
  • Deeds & Titles
  • Wills and trust and other legal documents
  • Birth, Death, adoption, marriage certificates
  • Stock and bond certificates
  • Home inventory (printed and digital version if available)
  • First two pages of previous year’s federal and state income tax returns
  • Military service records

List of numbers:

  • Social Security
  • Bank account(s)
  • Loan
  • Credit card(s)
  • Driver’s license
  • Investment accounts
  • Other account numbers – for example, gas and electric company