05/14/2015 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2015


email address: 340oldmill.svmha@gmail.com

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Paul Ortega, Cheryl Mrachek, Ronnie Sumter

Board Members Present: Tony Jimenez, Lilith Imbrogno, Pat Haden, Ellen Duke, Mark Allen

Board Members Absent: Don Webb, Jack Jackson

Guests: Mollie Mann, Angela Stephens, Frank and Pat Biber, Patty and Stan Byrum, Charlene Hovey, Steve and Carol Roth, and Betty Ortega.

Bob Mann, president, called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. The Board Association Minutes of April 9th, 2015 were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Paul Ortega reported as of April 15th, the checking account balance is $2,845.52. Income was $115 in HOA dues and expenses were $2000.00 and Bank Fee of $2.50. In addition, legal defense fund balance is $19,396.79. Paid membership for 2015 is now 149.

DPG Report: Steve Roth reported the DPG meets quarterly. The May 12th meeting had some 40 people attend. The meeting stressed evacuation of the park in time of fire or earthquake with emphasis on fire. Attendees were given a check list to help residents get prepared with the upcoming summer fire season. Extra check lists are available at the Clubhouse and on the Website

Social Committee Report: Mollie Mann reported that the Social Committee has changed the Happy Hour day to the 4th Thursday of each month. The time is 5:00-6:30. Next Happy Hour is May 28th with attendees asked to bring an appetizer for 8-12 persons for this event. There is no charge. Spring Brunch on April 26th was a great success and the homemade cinnamon rolls were wonderful. The June 25th Happy Hour has the Social Committee reaching out with a special invitation to all new residents of our park to attend and get to meet and know our residents. Following that our next event will be on July 27th Midsummer Picnic with Pulled Pork sandwiches etc. $8/Residents $10/Guests/Non Members of the HOA

Actions taken by the Board since April 9th meeting:

Old Business:

Dumpster was made available for large items to be discarded which started Wednesday, April 15 thru Friday, April 24. It was a resounding success with the dumpster being filled and emptied six times!! A huge thank you to Rob and Stuart for stewarding : ) this expensive project.

Asphalt has been patched.

Again, speeding complaints No new speed bump to be installed after all as management would like to see if painting 10 MPH on roads slows people down. Form letters to FedEx etc. are written and the drafts are being corrected before being sent.

Announcement/New Business:

The Social Committee and your HOA are now working closer than ever. The Social Committee will begin charging nonmembers of the HOA the guest price for all events starting with the Summer Bar B Que on July 25th.

The Board met with Stuart concerning the ramp walkway from the overflow parking at the bottom of the Clubhouse and it is being addressed. Residents will understand that various spending will be curtailed until they have a contract with the Sisters. Of course routine basics will continue.

The last power outage by Edison was addressed. The Board is concerned because the backup generator did not come on as it was supposed to do so the park had no water. This is of particular concern because that meant our fire hydrants had no water if there had been a fire. This failure has happened before a couple of times which makes the Board very concerned and will address this with Stuart and Miguel again. Testing the system quarterly is a good idea.

Residents are encouraged to contact Fire Department and Cal Trans of the surrounding dry, tall weeds in need of trimming before Fire Season. Also will look into having a Fire Representative come for a tour of our park to address the many shrubs in resident’s landscaping that are fire hazards especially the ones that are as tall as the homes. Not only is that home threatened but the immediate neighbors’ homes are also as those tall shrubs become torches in a fire.

The main Gate House gate has been remodeled and the large map moved. Work still ongoing on this but looks very nice.

Ellen Duke reported that our Website will be registered to the HOA and is in progress. Also the Website is anxious to have articles of interest written by our residents to be turned in and they will post them on our website. Also the Website address will be posted on our monthly minutes.

The lengthy ongoing construction on #215 Gatehouse was discussed. Street has been blocked with construction trucks, cars, vans and a fire truck trying to pass could not, all of which has the neighbors concerned. The firetruck had to back up and go around. Management needs to check on the “timely” finishing of home construction of this very long project.

Management has bought a “water buffalo” that is being used to hold runoff water and will be used to water plants and landscaping each day. Possibly more to come on this.

HOA Dues for 2015: Dues for 2015 are due. $40 if you are a first time member or $15 to renew your membership. Save the extra $2.00 per Social Committee event and join our very active HOA!! Just drop at #207 or at the Clubhouse in the HOA box. Please encourage your neighbors to join and support your HOA. (Currently 149 members have already paid their dues.)

Next Board meeting will be June 11th, 2015 at 7 P.M. in the Clubhouse. The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Grab and Go Box edited 5/11/2015

Grab n’ Go Checklist
 Picture ID – Driver’s License, ID Card, Passport, Etc.
 Ways to Pay – Cash, Checkbook, Credit Cards
 Medical Aids – Eyeglasses, Contacts, Hearing Aid, Etc.
 Prescription Drugs – in the containers from the Pharmacy
 Medical ID – Medicare, Insurance and Drug Plan Cards
 Cell Phone and Charger
 Contact Phone Numbers – on a list, if not set up in your cell phone
 List of businesses with which you have financial dealings (banks, credit cards, insurance companies, vendors, etc.) and, if you transact business online, their Websites and corresponding Passwords.
 ____________________________________
 ____________________________________
 Change(s) of Clothes
 Toiletries – Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Etc.
 Homeowners, auto, flood or renter’s insurance policies
 Deeds, Titles, Wills, Trust and other legal documents
 Birth, Death, Adoption, Marriage certificates
 Stock and Bond certificates
 Photos – printed or on digital media
 Home inventory – printed or on digital media
 Previous year’s Federal and State income tax returns
 Military service records
 Computer – processor… and the peripherals if you have the time and available space
 ____________________________________
 ____________________________________

You must consider…
• Your ability to take your possessions will be limited by available space, and time
• Everything left behind could be destroyed when you return

Think about, and write down those items that are valuable, meaningful, or important to you
Planning ahead could save a lot of heartache later
Review the list occasionally

DPG Radio Info

Radio Check Procedure
At 6:30pm before each DPG meeting the DPG head calls out each Block Captain number and name. That person is monitoring Channel 8 on their radio and presses the Talk button on the side of the radio to acknowledge.

Radio User Manual
I haven’t been able to find a downloadable manual for our radios online, so I got a printed copy. I’ve scanned and enlarged it, divided it into three pages for printing in case (let me know if you want that version), and also made this 1-page Quick Reference sheet image file. If you click on it twice you can see a larger version, that you can then download and print. In case you have trouble downloading or printing this image file, I’ll also add a link to download a PDF version below.

Radio Quick Ref 5-2015
Radio Quick Ref 5-2015

Note that the battery life is double with alkalines and our rechargeable batteries may be losing capacity, so you might want to remove the rechargeable and keep four (or 8) AA alkalines in a baggie next to the radio. That way if any of the batteries leak, it won’t destroy the radio. If you’d like to have the radio ready to go at a moment’s notice, you could also put a note in your calendar to change the batteries twice yearly to prevent a damaging leak.

-svRadio-battAs described in this excerpt from the full manual, leaving the radio plugged in with the rechargeable can cause damage and of course unplugged the rechargeable could go dead within a month or two.

Click here to Download a PDF Version of svradio-quickref5-2015 for printing.