DPG Radio Info

Radio Check Procedure
At 6:30pm before each DPG meeting the DPG head calls out each Block Captain number and name. That person is monitoring Channel 8 on their radio and presses the Talk button on the side of the radio to acknowledge.

Radio User Manual
I haven’t been able to find a downloadable manual for our radios online, so I got a printed copy. I’ve scanned and enlarged it, divided it into three pages for printing in case (let me know if you want that version), and also made this 1-page Quick Reference sheet image file. If you click on it twice you can see a larger version, that you can then download and print. In case you have trouble downloading or printing this image file, I’ll also add a link to download a PDF version below.

Radio Quick Ref 5-2015
Radio Quick Ref 5-2015

Note that the battery life is double with alkalines and our rechargeable batteries may be losing capacity, so you might want to remove the rechargeable and keep four (or 8) AA alkalines in a baggie next to the radio. That way if any of the batteries leak, it won’t destroy the radio. If you’d like to have the radio ready to go at a moment’s notice, you could also put a note in your calendar to change the batteries twice yearly to prevent a damaging leak.

-svRadio-battAs described in this excerpt from the full manual, leaving the radio plugged in with the rechargeable can cause damage and of course unplugged the rechargeable could go dead within a month or two.

Click here to Download a PDF Version of svradio-quickref5-2015 for printing.