SVMHA OC Policies

San Vicente Homeowner Association Website and Online Committee

Mission Statement and Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Approved at the June 11, 2015 HOA Board Meeting

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Online Committee (OC) is to provide our community with a helpful and harmonious website for information, collaboration and communication.

Policies, Guidelines and Procedures:
•     The website is neither private nor “secure.”  No confidential information should be posted on the website.
•    All information published on the website is publicly accessible to anyone visiting the website.
•    Resident names and addresses may be listed in a post on the website as they are already public (on lists at entrances to park, etc.).
•    Phone numbers and/or email addresses of residents will be published only with the permission of the resident or as part of an informational post (i.e., if listed as a contact number in regards to an activity in minutes or announcement).
•    The privilege of posting information on the website is limited to residents and requires registration and selection of a “User Name” which may be fictitious and will be the name shown on all posts on the website.
•    The Online Committee will provide procedures and training to residents who want to post information themselves and will also provide procedures for residents who would like to submit information to be posted by a committee member.
•    The Online Committee will remove content that appears contrary to the mission of the website and can deny posting privileges to anyone who posts content contrary to that mission.  Any dispute as to the appropriateness of content or other OC action will be taken to the board of the HOA.