10/08/2015 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2015

Website: svmha.com

email address: 340oldmill.svmha@gmail.com

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Ronnie Sumter, Paul Ortega, Cheryl Mrachek

Board Members Present: Lilith Imbrogno, Ellen Duke, Mark Allen, Pat Haden

Board Members Absent: Tony Jimenez, Jack Jackson, Don Webb

Guests: Mollie Mann, Angela Stephens and Tony and Brenda Spinella

Bob Mann, president, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The Board Association

Minutes of September 10th, 2015 were read with no corrections. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Due to the early date of this month’s meeting there has not been a bank statement received.

Social Committee Report: The October Happy Hour will be Thursday, October 22nd at 5pm. The Social Committee’s Sunday Brunch was a great success. We had 65 signed up but 80 showed up prompting a discussion of having just one box for checks and doing away with the box at 207 Gatehouse. Our next event will be free to residents only. It will be a Lasagna dinner on Saturday, November 7th. All the details are in The Voice.”

Old Business:

The negotiations are ongoing with the Sisters of Charity. Rob appreciated the board’s letter of support. Bob, Mark and Cheryl met with Rob in the early afternoon of 10/08. Rob and Stuart will be here until June of 2017. If Rob maintains the lease and management of our Park he will turn the management over to J & H management, 2017. We will be able to watch and see how that management handles Rancho. We will know more after negotiations conclude with the sisters.

Announcement/New Business:

Board should begin to select slate of officers for next year soon. Suggestion made by Bob was to make the election cycle of the Board every two years for half the Board. Oldest serving members will be put on the ballot first (2016) and the second half will be put on the ballot the following election (2018) Mark made the motion to review the bylaws and rewrite to simplify. Board will review it and approve changes. Then all HOA members would vote at January meeting. Pat Haden seconded motion and board voted approval. Pat also stated she would not run in 2016.

Any HOA members interested in being on the Board should submit their names to any Board member by November 20.


Ellen reported on that September 12th meeting. It was on Legislative issues of Mobile Home Parks. 1.) What steps must be taken to close a park. Stated that it was a very good organization to belong to and its’ alliance with GSMOL. Pat would like to encourage people to join. Ellen will look into a committee and members.

The next Board meeting will be Thursday, November 12th, 2015 at 7 P.M. in the Clubhouse. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Home Owner Association (HOA) Membership: All residents benefit from your HOA. Please encourage your neighbors to join. It’s just $40 for first time members or $15 to renew a membership. Drop the check off at the Clubhouse in the HOA box. Currently 161 members have already paid their dues. The larger our membership, the stronger our voice!