8/30 5:30pm Meeting Update

The following email was sent to GSMOL members 8/29/17 with further details about the meeting tomorrow (5:30 PM Wednesday, Aug 30). -Ed

Dear GSMOL Members;
It’s finally here! Please remember to come to the important “Meet and Confer Meeting” at 5:30 pm at the Clubhouse. Everyone I have spoken with has concerns, so we should all be there. It makes a difference!
We do not know how the meeting will be run. It’s a good idea to bring a copy of your questions and concerns so you can keep track of what is covered and be prepared with your most important questions/concerns.
Please walk to the meeting if possible so there is more clubhouse parking for others. If you are driving, maybe you can carpool with a neighbor.
Regardless of what happens at the meeting, you do not have to sign anything (including the income disclosure form – confirmed by our attorney). We will continue to work with lawyers, park owners, and management to improve these documents.
See you at the meeting!

Ellen Duke,
President, GSMOL Chapter 1316
San Vicente Mobile Home Park