Meeting Notes

Here are Ellen’s notes from yesterday’s meeting. -Ed

Dear San Vicente GSMOL Members,
At yesterday’s Meet and Confer Meeting, the park owners and management agreed that the new rental agreement, rules and regulations, and architectural standards all need significant revision. They thanked us for all the questions and concerns we submitted. They will now be preparing new documents and delivering them to everyone – and the review period will start all over. They will announce another Meet and Confer Meeting.

Many rules will change for the better. Among them, the pet rules will revert back to what they were under Parker & Rice. Subletting may not be an option due to the new owner’s (Vincent’s Ministries) nonprofit status – we are still checking this. Those concerned about subletting are invited to meet with me on Tuesday, September 5th, at 6pm at the Clubhouse.

Not all concerns and questions – there were so many – were addressed at the meeting. We will be checking this. I am going to propose to the park owners that a homeowner committee participate in the revision and/or review the new documents before they are finalized this time. When the new documents come, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING at least until you hear from us. As an existing resident, you NEVER have to sign.

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up. You were a very impressive, overflowing group of informed and justifiably concerned residents. Thanks so much to everyone who sent in questions and concerns. Your input was essential and a great gift to everyone in our community. Thanks so much to everyone who contacted neighbors, delivered notices, and joined the HOA and GSMOL. So many helping each other. Thanks especially to the GSMOL Document Review Committee and HOA Transition Committee who worked tirelessly to review the documents, and obtain legal counsel, all so important to our unity and success.

By working together, we were able to benefit our whole community in a BIG WAY!


Ellen Duke,
President, GSMOL Chapter 1316