SV GSMOL Mtg 1/25/18

San Vicente Mobile Home Park GSMOL Chapter 1316 Meeting Minutes

January 25, 2018, 6:00 p.m.

Before the meeting was called to order residents were informed management in recent days had distributed in their space cylinders the following items: Park Update, Resident Information Update Form, Notice of Change of Mobile Home Residency Law, Homeowner Directory Update, Notice of Utility Assistance to Low Income Person, and Notice of Rights and Responsibilities (Mobile Residency Law found in Section 798). Some residents had not received these.

At 6:00 pm, the meeting was called to order by President Ellen Duke, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and approval of the June 29, 2017 Minutes. (Minutes are not read at meeting – please send any corrections to Ellen before the meeting if possible.) Ellen utilized a PowerPoint presentation and some slides are included here. GSMOL Chapter officers are:

State GSMOL Update: Vote for Anne Anderson and 2017 Legislative Summary

Our GSMOL area manager Anne Anderson is candidate for GSMOL Vice President for Zone B-1. All GSMOL members, please sign and return your ballots (in the The Californian) before March. Consider a donation to the General Fund to help GSMOL, a volunteer organization, double its membership.

One of the reasons GSMOL is important to us is that it monitors all legislation and is our advocate in Sacramento. Eight bills supported by GSMOL became law and the three bills sponsored by WMA – “Western Manufacturing Housing Communities Association” (the park owner’s organization) GSMOL opposed and were not passed. AB 1269, supported by GSMOL and our chapter, passed the legislature but was vetoed by the governor, who felt the expense would not be supported by the income. However, he acknowledged the problem and directed more attention to mobile homeowner’s issues and complaints through an existing mobile home assistance program. GSMOL hasn’t given up and is considering alternatives.

Santa Barbara County Mobile Home Rent Control Ordinance Education:

The county ordinance (see excerpt below) permits homeowners to challenge rent increases if more than the normal 75% of CPI. However, park owners can collect the proposed increase throughout the period it is being challenged. This encourages park owners to delay the final decision as long as possible. It is reported that Nomad Village homeowners had to pay a

$119 rent increase per month for years until the county decision was to cut the increase to $39 per month. The homeowners report that their park owner is paying them back only in monthly increments in spite of now owing thousands of dollars to each homeowner. We and homeowners in other county parks are concerned about this and consulting GSMOL.

Sub-Leasing Issue Update: St. Vincent’s has reported that the reason they would not allow subletting was because they could not allow it due to their non-profit status.

New Park Documents:

**Existing homeowners are still under Parker/Rice rules. However, we learned that homeowners moving in now are having to sign the 7/17 documents that St. Vincent’s issued last year. The new homeowners will be under the 7/17 rules until the new documents (not yet issued) take effect.

San Vicente HOA and GSMOL: Sharing responsibilities and actively working together to benefit homeowners!

Information Sharing, Comments and Questions:

Resident expressed it feels like we now have a voice with HOA membership increasing and our GSMOL Chapter reactivated. Residents expressed praise and gratitude to Ellen for her hard work and countless hours shared. Ellen expressed thanks for the support and noted that many people continue to contribute their talents and time. She noted how HOA, led by HOA President Bob Mann, and GSMOL are a great combination, with our chapter’s access to GSMOL’s experience and legal expertise, and our HOA having the money to fund appropriate legal costs. We have actually used very little HOA funds thanks to the very reasonable legal fees and our careful management of what we send to the lawyer for review. She stressed the need to increase and support both GSMOL and HOA.

Has anyone looked at the park’s Conditional Use Permit? According to it, St.Vincent’s is responsible for roads and providing guest and residential. Ellen will contact the concerned homeowner about this.

A couple had not signed up for GSMOL and called themselves friends of GSMOL because they are sub-lessors. This couple graciously offered that they would be willing to help any resident with the cost of membership if there was a financial need and to contact Ellen about this if interested. Anne Anderson said they could have an Associate Membership. After the meeting they were informed that both homeowners and sub-lessors can become GSMOL members with voting privileges.

There was a question in regards to the Rent Increase memo we received and what did the word maximum mean? It was clarified that “maximum” is the maximum amount permitted as a normal increase under the Santa Barbara County Mobile Home Rent Control Ordinance. Any additional increase is subject to challenge by homeowners. Ellen informed

us that currently there is a resident making sure the Consumer Price Index (CPI) being used is correct. (Note: Confirmed after meeting.)

Why does Rancho Santa Barbara have such great exercise equipment (and we don’t)? It was explained that a local gym was getting rid of their old equipment and this became available to them. Anne Anderson informed us that their pool is being replaced and learned that St. Vincent’s doesn’t allow residents from their park to use ours because of liability issues.

There is a concern that the tile in the women’s dressing room and shower at our pool are extremely slippery and the bench is missing. The pool and spa temperature seem to be cool and the spa chlorine appears not to be regulated properly.

In the men’s dressing room at the pool, the light switch seems too close to the shower. Is this a GFI issue that needs to be addressed or is it already GFI-protected?

A resident has requested a work order to trim the trees on Cathedral Oaks which are overhanging in her yard and others and still had not been addressed. The maintenance team currently has only 4 men and there used to be 6. Also, there is a lot more paperwork, and this is reducing time for park maintenance even more.

There is a concern that the Christmas gratuity from the residents to the employees was a burden for the office to be responsible for. Perhaps this could be something HOA could take care of in the future.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted: Mary Jo Chrestenson (with Ellen Duke)


Attendees: Attendees: Janie Ableson, Linda Amicarelli, Patty Byrum, T Carlson, Teri Champ, Gary Champ, Mary Jo Chrestenson, Paul Chrestenson, Pat DelGiorgio-Lynn, Ellen Duke, Kathleen Elmer, Bob Enderby, Cindy Enderby, Mary Anne Harrison, Lilith Imbrogno, Chryssa MacCutcheon, Joanne Meers, George Meers, Harry Mira, Margaret Norton, Rosalie Patmor, Bruce Phillips, Rick Polcaro, Diane Price, Irmlind Rump, Albert Rump, John Sanders, Ron Schatz, Marcia Schatz, Erhard Schinzel, Barbara Shapiro, Glenn Shearer, Ruth Shook, Theo Siebold, Sidonia Slaff, Ronnie Sumter, Pma Tregenza, Don Webb

GSMOL MISSION STATEMENT: The Golden State Manufactured-home Owners League is a statewide volunteer organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the health, safety, welfare, rights, and investment of members throughout California. Our mission is accomplished primarily by legislative advocacy at national, state, and local levels, by judicious use of legal funds to protect homeowners, and by education of members so that they can help themselves solve local problems.