Letters (PDFs)

Bob Mann sent this via email. -Ed

Sorry, I spoke about the letters at Thursday’s meeting that the board sent to management and forgot to post them. Here they are. First about the pool condition and second about the office and communication issues.

Thanks San Vicente HOA

This email mentions the pool, so I’m including it too. -Ed
To: Rosa Paredes, Mary Manzo, Isabel Valenzuela
Date: February, 8 2018

Concerns and observations

The recent pool area deck repair and painting left a very mediocre result.  The first rain washed the paint off the silicone repairs leaving a visible road map of the damaged surfaces.  This is probably why the decking was previously carpeted to hide the scars.  The previous carpeting was in place for an estimated 20 years.  Unfortunately, the cap-stone tiles around the edge of the pool were not regrouted to seal off the open cracks just above the water line in the pool.  It could have been easily repaired when the water was out of the pool. Also the pool tiles were supposed to be cleaned while the pool was empty. At this time only 2 umbrellas remain.  One is damaged at this time.  The umbrellas only last 1 or 2 seasons.

Thank you for your attention to these issues
San Vicente Homeowners Association Board of Directors

Below are links to the two PDF files sent with Bob’s email. Click to download. -Ed

First letter to Mary

Letter to Mary