3/8/2018 Board Minutes

Bob Mann wrote:

Here are the minutes from the March 8th meeting. Also I am sending out the flyer for those who may have forgotten to pay your 2018 dues. I will be updating the email list soon and will remove those names and addresses who have not paid. If you have any questions whether you paid do not hesitate to call Bob Mann or Carolyn Howe.
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San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting

March 8, 2018


email: svmha.340oldmill@yahoo.com

Meeting called to order at 7:00

Officers Present: Bob Mann

Board Members Present: Lilith Imbrogno, Tony Jimenez, George Misbeek, Cindy Enderby, Dick Mires

Board Members Absent: Don Webb, Mark Allen, Cheryl Mrachek, Carolyn Howe, Ellen Duke

The minutes from the February 8th meeting: motion to approve was made by Cindy, Tony 2nd, and approved by all.

Guests: Twenty-two guests were in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Balance $4791.36

Income $330.00

Expenses $2.50

Balance as of Feb. 28, 2018 $5118.86

Legal Defense Money Market $20945.96

Interest $2.41

Money Market as of Feb. 28, 2018 $20948.37


Social Committee Report: Charlene Hovey: next event will be Saint Patrick’s Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage, mashed potatoes, green salad. Cost is $10.00 per resident or guest. Details will be in the Voice. Special note: a surprise is planned for our diners. Isabel is working well with Charlene in putting an article in the Voice. The Art Committee is now covered by Insurance for alcohol at their Art Shows. Dean and Charlene continue with their creativity and dedication they are giving to the Voice!!

GSMOL Report: Members are continuing to knock on doors to chat with residents to join.

DPG Report: Bob Enderby is holding a Fund raiser for DPG with a pancake breakfast on Saturday, April 14th from 10-2:00 pm. Cost is $7.00, you can make your checks out to HOA but put DPG on your memo line. The DPG is still in need of 4 Block Captains and also Co-Captains. Next meeting will be June.

Business: The premium for D&O liability insurance to Brown and Brown for $1700.00 was approved for payment with Tony 1st and Lilith 2nd the motion.

New Business: The attractive glass French door has been reinstalled at the Office which looks really nice and welcoming. Our sad looking flagpole has been sanded, painted and the ball on top shined up along with an extra-large flag is now flying. (8 x 12) The serious gopher problems are continuing to be addressed which is good. Spring cleaning dumpsters will be coming. Reminder: Annual inspections of each home site for cleanliness, weeds, dead bushes, sagging skirting, unsafe stairs, hedges that desperately need trimming or other eyesores will be addressed. The inspections will be March 20-23.

Questions put forth from homeowners to HOA:

Landscape on Cathedral Oaks was started but large trees still hanging on residents’ roofs and clogging their gutters has yet to be done. The HOA advised that San Vicente is now contracting out the tree trimming in the park. (Per February 20th memo)

Parking was discussed by all residents at the meeting, particularly the ½ hour limit.

Water leaks are not being addressed in a timely manner and left to run down the streets for 4 and 5 days before they are fixed. Concerns about possible sinkholes. The HOA advises to not drive your car over existing leaks but around them.

Roads are a big concern also as they are in such bad shape. One good rain will lift even more road surface up. Can patch and seal or chip seal be done?

Condition of the Park many homes are for sale and it was thought that it may be partly due to condition of Park. Work on homes are allowed to take way too long (#215 and #99) sometimes pushing a year and longer. The question was raised if Management is even aware they should be checking on all construction to make sure Permits have been pulled as too many have no Permits and are just winging it.

Rosa’s email address is: rparedes@sv-sb.org

Mary’s email address is: mmanzo@sv-sb.org

Isabel’s email address is: ivalenzuela@svmhp.org

Speeding still a problem……………..SLOW DOWN

Thank you for supporting your HOA

Next HOA meeting will be April 12th, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Motion to adjourn made by Tony, Lilith 2nd

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM