NEWS! and May 24th GSMOL Meeting Minutes

From Ellen Duke – President, GSMOL Chapter 131 (SVMHP):

Dear GSMOL Members;
Attached are the minutes from the May 24th, 2018, GSMOL Meeting. Please read and share them with your neighbors and encourage your neighbors to join GSMOL and the HOA. This is a very important thing you can do, especially at this time, because….
There is news! The 2018 Document Review Committee (both HOA and GSMOL members) has started reviewing the new documents provided by St. Vincent’s. This is not starting the review period that all homeowners will have when the documents are officially released.
We appreciate the opportunity to review these and bring suggestions and any concerns to St. Vincent’s attention and also have a better understanding of them in hopes of making the process much less stressful on homeowners than last year.
The GSMOL attorney is available to help us and our HOA has provided funds for that purpose.
We are not announcing the names of the Document Review Committee except that I am on the committee. We ask that the committee not be asked for information or updates. We would like to work collaboratively with St. Vincents during this process. Sharing concerns that may or may not be in the final document can be counterproductive. It also results in more homeowners being concerned and stressed when it might not even be necessary.
We’re working on it! After all, that’s why you’re paying us the big bucks, right? (yes, I’m kidding…)
We appreciate your support as we go through this very challenging process.
All the best,

Ellen Duke
President, GSMOL Chapter 1316San Vicente Mobile Home Park
Board Member, San Vicente Homeowners Association

5.24.18 Minutes Final GSMOL 1316

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