SVMHA C-19 Page Updated

The C-19 Page here at the SVMHA website was updated today, adding two new Links for news on the novel Corona virus and related COVID-19 pandemic.

One link is to a short PBS Amanpour & Co. interview about new trends in early home detection and treatment, developed during the NYC case surge. It’s particularly relevant to “at risk” populations, such as those with preexisting medical conditions or over age 55. Significant emphasis is placed on the importance of early detection and treatment, including much that can be done at home.

One detection strategy mentioned several times is to use an inexpensive home “pulse oximeter to monitor our blood oxygen level if we have any reason to suspect risk of C-19. Walmart had one for $20, though it may be sold out as word of this useful tool gets out.

A free detection strategy also mentioned in some detail is to monitor respiration rate. NYC experience showed that base (resting) breathing rate increases as C-19 infection develops, but people don’t notice it. If we establish our normal healthy rate, we can check it to see if there’s a significant increase. That of course could be somewhat difficult to do by ourselves, and perhaps also affected by worrying about C-19. Some oximeters selling for about $50 and up claim to provide both blood oxygen and respiration rate.

The other link is to a review of the 100 or more vaccine development efforts worldwide. The article begins with a brief explanation of the challenges involved in bringing a safe and effective vaccine to global deployment. On page two it describes the eight current top candidates already in clinical trials, and provides a link to a World Health Organization (WHO) site to watch for more info & updates.

8 C-19 Vaccine Trials May 2020
8 C-19 Vaccine Trials May 2020