7/9/2020 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting

July 9, 2020


email: svmha.340oldmill@yahoo.com

Bob called the Meeting to order at 7:00

Pledge of allegiance

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Tony Jimenez, Cheryl Mrachek

Board Members Present: Lilith Imbrogno, Ellen Duke, Dick Mires

Board Members Absent: Carolyn Howe, Don Webb, Cindy Enderby

The minutes from the March 12th meeting. Motion to approve by Tony, seconded by Dick and approved by the board.

Guests: 8 guests were in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking Balance $3236.95

Income (membership dues) $0

Expenses (for Chili dinner) check to Mollie Mann $0

Balance as of June 30, 2020 $3236.95

Legal Defense Money Market $7537.86

Interest $0.99

Money Market as of June 30, 2020 $7538.85

CD $12,276.77

April and May Treasurer’s report was read.

Social Committee Report: The Champagne Brunch was a success with 34 persons in attendance. Next event is a Luau on July 25th. The menu will be Kalua ham, fried rice, tropical fruit salad, Hawaiian sweet rolls and Pineapple upside down cake. Cost is $12 for residents and $15 for guests. Cutoff date to sign up is July 18th.

GSMOL Report by Ellen Duke:

Bills supported by GSMOL are moving successfully through the California Legislature. Park owners are pushing against them so it is important that we show our support.

Letters are awaiting your signature at Ellen Duke’s’ front deck at Space #194 (Indian Wells Road). The signed letters can be placed in the marked box. Ellen will scan and email the letters to our lobbyist. Here are the four bills:

SB 915 (Leyva) prevents evictions and requires deferred rent payments for mobilehome residents impacted by COVID-19. 

SB 999 (Umberg) eliminates the loophole that denies mobilehome residents with long-term leases local rent stabilization protection.

AB 2690 (Low) eliminates the loophole denying local rent stabilization protections if a park or space was created after the year 1990.

AB 2782 (Stone) establishes state standards for park conversion, including requiring a relocation plan, report on impact on low-income housing stock and, if no space is available in another park, ensuring impacted residents receive in-place market value of their mobilehome. (Note: Santa Barbara County already has a comprehensive ordinance and would not be affected by this bill.)

Mobilehome owners are an important voting block and your help is needed to make sure these needed changes happen. Please call Ellen at 805-637-3327 for information or if you need to have these letters brought or emailed to you for signature.

DPG Report: No report

President’s statement:

New Business: The last few months have been difficult for all, but life must go on. SVMHA understands that extra caution must be taken for our protection. The Board will continue to take care of business and members will be updated via email.

It appears that someone in the park has complained to management about two street names that appear to be offensive. Hang Tree and Indian Wells are in the process of being changed.

Someone who has access to the gym has stolen two #20 dumbbells. After all the effort from management to make a commitment to purchasing and maintaining this equipment, this is the thanks they get. Please if you know who has stolen this equipment, please notify management or the HOA. Thank you.

Roads to be slurry coated in August. If any resident notices problems in the road surface, please notify management or the HOA so these issues can be fixed before the slurry seal is applied.

Water Project is completed, except for the installation of the Emergency stand by generator.

Pool Project is moving rapidly now. Upon the deck removal, county inspectors noticed that the plumbing was not buried deep enough. The project has been delayed because everything had to be brought up to 2020 standards. Now a projected August completion is expected.

RV Parking area Management is looking for a different contractor to do this project. Late summer estimated completion.

Questions from residents:

Trees on Cathedral Oaks need trimming, Lilith will notify Cristina.

The walk way between our park and Rancho was blocked. Why? Many residents use this path to walk between parks for exercise. RSB does not appear to have a problem with this. Could San Vicente and RSB jointly create a permanent pathway between the parks? The board was instructed to send a letter to management with our concerns.

A question was asked about the size of the pavers that will be used around the pool area. Will there be a gap between the pavers for drainage and would such a gap become a hazard for a cane or walker with narrow wheels?

Speeding still a problem……………..SLOW DOWN

The next HOA meeting will be on August 13, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Thank you for supporting your HOA

Motion to adjourn meeting by Tony, seconded by Dick. Adjourned at 7:35