Grab and Go Box edited 5/11/2015

Grab n’ Go Checklist
 Picture ID – Driver’s License, ID Card, Passport, Etc.
 Ways to Pay – Cash, Checkbook, Credit Cards
 Medical Aids – Eyeglasses, Contacts, Hearing Aid, Etc.
 Prescription Drugs – in the containers from the Pharmacy
 Medical ID – Medicare, Insurance and Drug Plan Cards
 Cell Phone and Charger
 Contact Phone Numbers – on a list, if not set up in your cell phone
 List of businesses with which you have financial dealings (banks, credit cards, insurance companies, vendors, etc.) and, if you transact business online, their Websites and corresponding Passwords.
 ____________________________________
 ____________________________________
 Change(s) of Clothes
 Toiletries – Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Etc.
 Homeowners, auto, flood or renter’s insurance policies
 Deeds, Titles, Wills, Trust and other legal documents
 Birth, Death, Adoption, Marriage certificates
 Stock and Bond certificates
 Photos – printed or on digital media
 Home inventory – printed or on digital media
 Previous year’s Federal and State income tax returns
 Military service records
 Computer – processor… and the peripherals if you have the time and available space
 ____________________________________
 ____________________________________

You must consider…
• Your ability to take your possessions will be limited by available space, and time
• Everything left behind could be destroyed when you return

Think about, and write down those items that are valuable, meaningful, or important to you
Planning ahead could save a lot of heartache later
Review the list occasionally


Park Rules and Regulations

San Vicente Mobile Home Park
RULES AND REGULATIONS Revised January 2015

The following Rules and Regulations apply not only to Homeowners and Residents of the Park but to all Guests, invitees, or any other person who are in the Park at the invitation, request, or with permission of anyone who lives in the Park. Throughout the following document references to Homeowner will also include Residents. Continue reading “Park Rules and Regulations”