You Can Help

Please help us to get the word out about the Thursday (7pm) July 15 SVMHA Association meeting. Board members have offered to distribute printed reminders, and it will help if residents also spread the word before that so interested friends and neighbors can make plans to attend. We’ll post more information about the planned agenda, so for now please mark your calendar and pass the word.


Neighborhood Alert

This is a neighborhood alert for SVMHP residents, based on an unusual incident at Rancho SB.  Please be alert for any unusual activities or solicitors, and if you may have seen anything possibly related to this incident report it to any SVMHA Board member and to our park managers. We also welcome Comments below.

Incident summary as reported to SVMHA President by a Rancho resident

Location: Rancho SB, near the golf club house
Time: 9AM Mon 21 June 2010
Suspect: middle-aged male, average looking, sport shirt, regular pants.
Witness Reports:
1. My computer station overlooks the golf course.
I watched a middle-aged man walk from San Vicente
direction right into my neighbor’s carport and knock
on my neighbor’s door. [The resident] did not hear the knock …
so the man returned to the street and went around to the
other side of [the] home where there is a screen porch.
[The resident] answered the door there.

2. The man said something about an accident to [resident]
and asked if he could use [the] phone. Then the
man asked [resident] for $100 (yes, that’s right: one hundred).
[He] gave the man $100 and the man left … and walked
down the street from the golf course (stream side road).
The man told [him] that he lived ‘about four houses down’
which is [incorrect].
…I overheard another golfer
tell [resident] to report it to (Manager) Bob Jowers.
([resident] had talked with the golfers about it.)

3. [golfer] said that someone saw the man running away.
[golfer] got in his car and tried to find the man but did not
see him any where in his search.

Email Duplicates

Someone just sent this:

“I posted something, or I thought  I did, but it came back to me as an email.  What gives????”

There’s a “Subscription” feature on our blog that notifies you of every new item you or anyone else adds. To change it, when you’re logged in to the SVMHA website click on the words “My Dashboard” near the left in the gray bar across the top of the screen (next to “My Account”). Then click the word “Dashboard” just below SVMHA near the top left, and you’ll see a list of items that ends with the word “Subscriptions” like this:

Subscriptions Screen (top left corner)
Subscriptions Screen (top left corner)

(click the above image if you’d like to enlarge it)

The “Subscription Management” screen shows what you’re subscribed to. If you click the “Settings” link near the top of this screen you’ll get some options for how your Subscriptions work, including a box to click if you don’t want any at all. I’ve left my Subscriptions on so that I’ll know if anyone has posted anything. This would probably be a good idea for everyone who’s a member of the Board or of the Online Committee (OC).

SVMHP From Above?

I’ve snapped some aerial photos of San Vicente in the past few months, and I’m wondering: would anyone like a particular perspective or section? I’ll probably snap views toward the South and the West at some point, so shall I upload those to this site?

Have you seen the photos I’ve posted so far? If not, click on the Photos tab at the top of the page. Do you have any photos of your own you’d like to see added to the site?

Would you like to see photos of some Social Committee events? Any other specific photo subjects?

The Gates – April 2010

Here are photos of the two gates, taken April 29, 2010. These may be handy for sharing with friends and family who come to visit, so they’ll recognize where to enter San Vicente. You might also want to check out the San Vicente Map (and the satellite composite version) in our Gallery on the Photos Page.

0662 North Gate (click to enlarge)
0662 North Gate (click to enlarge)

Above is the view from Cathedral Oaks, with a FedEx truck at the entrance.

0661 South Gate (click to enlarge)

Above is the view from Old Mill Road.