Online Committee (OC)

The mission of the Online Committee (OC) is to provide our community with a helpful and harmonious website for information, collaboration and communication.

If you’re a Board member or volunteering with the Online Committee (or just curious what goes on behind the scenes), this Page is for you.

If you’d like to Join or Contact the Online Committee, please use this form:

Helpful Posts

SVMHA OC Mission, Guidelines, Policies & Procedures (6/11/2015) – Read this first.

How To Sign Up For SVMHA Online – For new Board members or OC volunteers.

Firefox – better free browser? – Check this if you or user has problems.

JavaScript ON! – Helpful info written by a Board member who found a fix.

Publishing Your First Post on SVMHA – Starter info for new registered users.

How To Post Board Items – Creating links to Posts (i.e. Minutes) on Pages (i.e. Board).

How to Create Links in your Posts and Pages – Become an OC hero! 🙂

Roles – People can be Contributors, Authors, Editors, or Administrators.

Subscriptions – Do you want to get copies of your Posts via email?

Backups – Admins: how to create a Backup this website, and a bit on how to Restore.

Helpful Links

Dashboard (includes Login if not already logged in)

New Post (using the quicker “old” method)