NEWS! and May 24th GSMOL Meeting Minutes

From Ellen Duke – President, GSMOL Chapter 131 (SVMHP):

Dear GSMOL Members;
Attached are the minutes from the May 24th, 2018, GSMOL Meeting. Please read and share them with your neighbors and encourage your neighbors to join GSMOL and the HOA. This is a very important thing you can do, especially at this time, because….
There is news! The 2018 Document Review Committee (both HOA and GSMOL members) has started reviewing the new documents provided by St. Vincent’s. This is not starting the review period that all homeowners will have when the documents are officially released.
We appreciate the opportunity to review these and bring suggestions and any concerns to St. Vincent’s attention and also have a better understanding of them in hopes of making the process much less stressful on homeowners than last year.
The GSMOL attorney is available to help us and our HOA has provided funds for that purpose.
We are not announcing the names of the Document Review Committee except that I am on the committee. We ask that the committee not be asked for information or updates. We would like to work collaboratively with St. Vincents during this process. Sharing concerns that may or may not be in the final document can be counterproductive. It also results in more homeowners being concerned and stressed when it might not even be necessary.
We’re working on it! After all, that’s why you’re paying us the big bucks, right? (yes, I’m kidding…)
We appreciate your support as we go through this very challenging process.
All the best,

Ellen Duke
President, GSMOL Chapter 1316San Vicente Mobile Home Park
Board Member, San Vicente Homeowners Association

5.24.18 Minutes Final GSMOL 1316

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Great News

Received 11:41am 9/27 from Ellen Duke    -ed

San Vicente MHP Update

Dear San Vicente MHP GSMOL and HOA members, and other residents:

I am happy to report that I met with Rosa Paredes (President and CEO) and Mary Manzo (Vice-President of Housing) of our park owner, Vincent Ministries (VM) LLC recently. I was impressed by their commitment both to their ministries (I hope to learn more about these) and to the continuation and improvement of San Vicente as a premier senior mobile home park.

Here is an update based on that meeting:

1) As you know, J&H Asset Management (Jim Joffe) will no longer associated with our park or VM effective November 6, 2017.

2) VM is identifying a firm to assist them in ensuring compliance with the laws associated with mobile homes (MRLs, rent control, etc.) but will be managing the park directly. The office staff and maintenance team are and will continue to be VM employees.

3) Sister Margaret Keveaney has not retired and is still actively involved, focusing on improving the lives of the residents of the ministry’s low-income housing.

4) Although San Vicente MHP is not low-income housing, VM recognizes it as very important senior housing that is more affordable relative to the cost of other housing in Santa Barbara.

5) Great news! VM has decided to use the existing (Parker Rice) 2015 documents as the basis for the new documents and will be adding what is needed for compliance and best practices reasons. This approach will enable them to explain the reasons for the changes and to avoid including “best practices” that are not the best practices for our park. As would be expected, this will take some time. In the meantime, the 2015 Parker Rice documents are the rules of the park.

6) We all share the goal of the next set of documents being the last for a long time. VM is considering our suggestion that a small group of homeowners and, separately, our lawyer review the documents before their general release to the residents of San Vicente

7) Water system repair: The evaluation has not been completed, but now that they can measure overall park usage (residents and common areas combined) they can see that the current storage has been leaking badly and wasting water. As noted at the August 30th meeting, they are anticipating focusing primarily on the water storage system, thus reducing the capital investment costs significantly from an overall system repair/replacement. No decision on water metering has been made and this is a lower priority needing much more evaluation.

8) Roads: Efforts have already been made to stabilize the water pressure which should reduce the pipe breakage problems. Major road work will be delayed until the effects of this and the new water storage system are evaluated.

9) Facilities: VM is very concerned about park maintenance and plans to start repairing the pool area and the tennis courts, addressing the termite issue in the clubhouse, and investigating the cost of acquiring some gym equipment.

9) Subletting: We have advised VM that we believe the Santa Paula Mobile Home Park case permits sub-lessees to finish the duration of their lease when a park prohibits subletting. More importantly, a lawyer specializing in nonprofit law has advised us that VM can continue to permit subletting without threatening their nonprofit status. This information has been provided to VM, who was still awaiting input from their attorneys. We are hoping for a response soon.

In summary, I was very impressed by Rosa and Mary and by their commitment to continuing and improving San Vicente as a premier senior mobile home park. There is an inevitable learning curve for everyone in this type of transition, but we are all in this for the long haul.

I believe that by helping each other, we can develop a very rewarding relationship and achieve our mutual goals of continuing (and even improving) life at San Vicente Mobile Home Park while, through our rents, contributing to St. Vincent’s important and life-changing ministries.

I hope you will join and encourage your neighbors to join GSMOL ($25 – see and our HOA ($15). Both organizations have been crucial during this transition process and both are important to our future as residents of San Vicente Mobile Home Park.

Thank you all for your unity, supportive action and patience during some challenging times. Of course, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Email preferred but calls are also welcome!

Please let me know if you can help distribute this update to park residents we are not reaching through email. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Ellen Duke
President, GSMOL Chapter 1316
HOA Board Member
San Vicente Mobile Home Park

8/30 5:30pm Meeting Update

The following email was sent to GSMOL members 8/29/17 with further details about the meeting tomorrow (5:30 PM Wednesday, Aug 30). -Ed

Dear GSMOL Members;
It’s finally here! Please remember to come to the important “Meet and Confer Meeting” at 5:30 pm at the Clubhouse. Everyone I have spoken with has concerns, so we should all be there. It makes a difference!
We do not know how the meeting will be run. It’s a good idea to bring a copy of your questions and concerns so you can keep track of what is covered and be prepared with your most important questions/concerns.
Please walk to the meeting if possible so there is more clubhouse parking for others. If you are driving, maybe you can carpool with a neighbor.
Regardless of what happens at the meeting, you do not have to sign anything (including the income disclosure form – confirmed by our attorney). We will continue to work with lawyers, park owners, and management to improve these documents.
See you at the meeting!

Ellen Duke,
President, GSMOL Chapter 1316
San Vicente Mobile Home Park

Meeting August 30, 5:30pm

The following email was sent to GSMOL members 8/26/17. Since it is of interest to all SVMHP owners, residents and HOA members we are posting it here for the information of anyone who has not yet joined GSMOL in addition to their SVMHA HOA membership. A followup email about this meeting will be published in the next post here on the website. -Ed

Dear GSMOL Members,
As some of you know, our San Vicente Homeowners Association (HOA) requested a delay in the August 30th “Meet and Confer” Meeting to allow for more time to review the documents before the meeting. The management company, J&H, refused to delay. Mr. Joffee’s response follows. He offered to meet with homeowners on a later date if there are still “important general matters of concern” after the meeting.
Remember that you never have to sign the rental agreements or rules or standards – even after the meeting. We have ten weeks (until October 13th by my calculation) before the rental agreement or recreational facilities rules would go into effect for you without signature and almost six months (until mid-February 2018) before the other rules and regulations go into effect for you without signature.
However, our attorney warns that if you sign any of these documents, they go into effect for you immediately. As an existing resident, you do not have to sign these documents, ever.

Please – you can help right now! Send or deliver all your questions and concerns in writing to management this weekend. Take them to the clubhouse or email them to:
Question any rule that you don’t like, and say why. Even if it is not a change from the old rules, it can be changed. The more people who comment/question something, the better.

At the meeting, we want to hear how management/park owners defend these rules – why they believe they are in the best interest of our park residents, as well as share our concerns.
If we are not satisfied with any result at – or following – the meeting, we will check legality and consider further action. Just because the MRL says they can do something doesn’t mean they should do it. We are paying them to work with us to keep this a nice place to live.

It is our interest to have a good relationship with management as they have great latitude in making the rules and how rules are enforced. Everyone makes mistakes – but it is very important that we help them understand the need and reasons to correct wrong rules and put pressure on them to do so. Also, please join and encourage others to join HOA and GSMOL asap. HOA especially,as it has more members. This makes us stronger!

This is just the beginning. We will have time after the meeting to continue to work on getting changes, as necessary. Our attorney is reviewing the documents. (You may want to get your own attorney, as no one can guarantee that one lawyer will catch everything.)
Thank you for helping our community through your support and involvement.

Ellen Duke,
President, GSMOL Chapter 1316,
San Vicente MHP

Email from J&H Management:

RE: New Rules and Regulations Meeting
Dear Homeowners:

I am writing you in response to your similar requests that we postpone the general homeowners meeting to discuss the new Rules and Regulations and receive comments from, and confer with, the homeowners of San Vicente Mobile Home Park about those Rules and Regulation. You each offered some very good reasons for requesting a postponement of this meeting. Regrettably, after consulting legal counsel, we have been advised not to postpone the meeting as noticed. I am sure you are aware that the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) dictates the procedures to be followed in the noticing requirements for the implementation of new Rules and Regulations in mobilehome parks. Any deviation in compliance with those requirements would be problematic. Therefore, it would not be wise to postpone this meeting.

One purpose of the meeting is to address some of the concerns the homeowners may have regarding the implementation and interpretation of the new rules. Hopefully, we will be successful in addressing their questions and concerns that evening. If not, we are always willing to arrange for meetings with the homeowners on all important general matters of concern.

We thank you both for your thoughtful inquiry and look forward to seeing you and the other homeowners next Wednesday.

James Joffe

Real Estate License Number 00710270

President J&H Asset Property Mgt., Inc.

P: (714) 974-0397 x103 F: (714) 283-3225

22880 Savi Ranch Pkwy.

Yorba Linda, CA 92887