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Here is some basic introductory information about using this website we created to help you get started. This is where you’ll also find some tips and resources if you’d like to learn how to add your own items to this website, or to become a Local Hero by joining the Online Committee (OC).

First off, welcome to our new website! If you are an owner or resident in San Vicente, we hope you enjoy all the information here and will visit this website often to watch us work, and we want you to know that the SVMHA Board welcomes your feedback. We hope you’ll also consider joining SVMHA to help us work with everyone involved in our community to better serve you. We’re happy to report that no funds have been used to create and maintain this website (provided free by WordPress), just lots of volunteer effort by your friendly and hard-working SVMHA Board and Online Committee volunteers.

You can find more advanced Help on the web at  these links.

  • Getting Started is easy. Just click on anything that looks interesting and explore this site.
  • If you get Lost just click the word Home at the upper left or SVMHA at the top of any page.

Have Some Fun!

Now the easy part: click on everything in sight, and explore the website. When not logged in you can go completely wild without hurting anything. If you prefer a methodical approach, read all the Help items below and ask questions at meetings, in Comments here on the website, or in email so that we can improve this website and this Help page. Typing up or jotting down your own notes is a great way to remember what you discover, for reference later (plus taking notes helps you clarify things for yourself, and makes asking questions easier).

*Tip – Once you’ve explored this website, you might want to make a Bookmark aka Favorite in your web browsing software (Firefox, Explorer, Safari, etc.) for the Page here named “The Latest” so that you see what’s new next time you visit.

How it Works:

Here’s a little more info on how this site works, and the WordPress (company providing us this free site) mindset.

  • Pages are specific main topic sections represented by “Labels” across the top of the page, such as Home, Help, etc. To view a Page, just click on the Tab (for example, you clicked ? (Help) to view this Page).
  • Posts can be on any topic, and may have Categories inserted by volunteers and content contributors to help you identify and find them.
  • You may notice that when viewing a Page, the name you clicked in the row Labels is highlighted in a box as your “Help” Label is right now, but Posts don’t have that indicator so none of the Tabs are highlighted in a box when you are viewing a Post.
  • Comments may be added at the bottom of the Comments page by anyone registered on the site, and the first Comment will be vetted by an OC volunteer before it appears at the top of the Comments page (most recent Comment is shown at the top, even though you must go to the bottom to add your Comment). Any offensive Comments will be removed by an OC member and that person prohibited from adding further Comments until re-approved. We may provide a better way for you to informally add your remarks if enough people participate.
  • Pages or Posts may contain Links inserted by volunteers as shortcuts that you can click to view selected Posts.
  • A List of recent Posts is on the right, with the newest on the top.
  • Handy Links to helpful info on other websites are listed along the right edge. Clicking on any of those will take you away from this SVMHA website, where you can explore helpful resources elsewhere.
  • Follow this website by subscribing for Notifications on the right, and you’ll receive a brief email notice any time something new is added here.

*Note: If you are an SVMHA Board Member or a volunteer in our Online Committee and have not yet registered on this free website, please contact us to get the email invitation.

More Help Links for OC & Contributors

  • http://en.support.wordpress.com/ – WordPress is the software this site is running. This link takes you to their Help pages. Note that this SVMHA website is currently a free site hosted by WordPress.com, so when you’re reading how to do things be sure you’re reading the correct section. The WordPress.org help section and information does not apply to the SVMHA website, but instead relates to features and questions for that more complex downloaded software.
  • http://en.forums.wordpress.com/ – WordPress Forums let you see what questions other users have had, and even ask specific questions you can’t easily find answers to. If you’re a registered user of this site, please take a moment to share anything you discover so that the rest of us can gain the benefit of your learning. Even if you’re not a registered Board member or Online Committee volunteer, we’d very much like to hear from you by phone or email so that we can pass along what you’ve discovered.

More Helpful Techie Stuff (here on SVMHA)

  • Firefox – Get this free browser for better features & security.
  • OC – See the Online Committee (OC) Page for more help & info.