HowTo: Post Files

Here’s a link to a two minute video on how to post (“Publish”) a PDF file (e.g. our Voice newsletter) onto the SVMHA Website. Click: Video Link.

Below is a step by step text version of the directions.

Many types of content can be posted on our HOA website. All are easy to do with a computer or tablet and even a cellphone, and can then be accessed by our community via their computers, tablets or cellphones. You can even Post (aka Publish) new content from a phone or tablet. It’s easy to print anything that’s on our website to share with others, make a PDF, or to save and read offline.

How To Post PDF Files
This brief intro is for posting PDF files like the ones Bob has created with the app he uses for doing the Voice. Other types of files like Image files are handled similarly, and adding or interspersing your new text content is also easy to learn. By posting PDF files you will get to know the system well enough to share any PDF or image file, and adding text will be a trivial next step.

Please keep in mind that it’s COMPLETELY safe to experiment on our site. You can experiment without clicking “Publish” and nobody else will ever see it. Even if you Publish, it’s easy for you to Delete anything you’ve done. Also, anyone with the site’s Editor “Role” or higher access can edit or delete for you.

It’s also pretty easy to create fancy content like the Voice from scratch on our site. Then that content can easily be printed or shared as PDF files after it’s Published here.

Steps To Post Files On
a. Log In.
b. Create a new “Post” draft.
c. Add a Title.
d. Choose a “Block” of content.
e. Save, Preview & Publish.

a. Log In.
Launch a web browser app and type in the address.
For ease, use this special shortcut link and Bookmark it in your browser:

Anyone with a posting “Role” account like the ones given to new Volunteers on our site can use this link, since they’ll then put in their own SVMHA “Username” and “Password” at the prompts. If you’re a San Vicente resident & HOA member and would like a Role that enables you to contribute posts, please contact the HOA using the Contact form at the bottom of the Home page. With a few minutes a month, you can help the HOA and your neighbors.

b. Click “Write blog post” at lower-right.

Click “Write blog post” at lower-right of the Edit screen

c. Add a Title. Just click “Add title” and try to keep it short. For periodic things like this example Voice or Meeting Minutes, please us the same format as prior posts on the topic so they’re easy for the site to list and for people to find. This practice Voice post is named in the same style as previous Minutes posts (Month Day Year) and Voice or Calendar posts (Month Year).

d. Choose a Block (item). This can be text, images or many other things, but since we’re posting PDF files of the Voice and Calendar that were created in a different app we just want those 2 Files. Note that many of the types of things displayed on the list require a more expensive subscription to WordPress (host of our inexpensive site), so it saves money to stick with text, images, and files. Video can be included by posting it to YouTube (or some other free service), and simply adding a Link (use the chain link icon) to put a link in the text here on our site. That’s how the video link above was done.

There are different ways to select Files, and we’re going to use the black Plus sign at the right. When you click that, a list of popular icons pops up in a box and it may contain a “File” icon to click. If not, click the “Browse all” black bar at the bottom, and a taller version of the box pops up at the Left. Scroll down (note the thin scroll bar atop the right edge) slightly if needed, to find the icon for uploading a “File” Block item. (In the “Media” section of the box, “File” is the 5th item)

Note that while you can just start typing Text below the Title line, you MUST select the Image or File type to insert an Image or File (e.g. PDF), or else the entire Post might be blank below the title. This may happen even though the post looks ok in Edit mode.

Drag your file from your computer (or tablet or phone) to the box that opens, (or click the “Upload” button to be guided through a selection process that lets you browse the files on your computer). WAIT while the file is uploading from you to the SVMHA website, and it appears on your screen. You’re almost done already.

e. Save, Preview, and Publish. First we’ll Save a “Draft” version of what we’ve done. Click the icon for that, at the upper-right of the screen.

Then we’ll open a Preview tab or Window to see how it will look. Click twice on the Preview icon next to the Save icon. Preview lets you see it as a Desktop computer will, or a Tablet, or a Mobile phone. Presuming you’re doing this on your computer, choose Desktop and click Preview. It doesn’t matter though, because the website automatically displays all content so it will look and operate best on the device you or our visitors are using at any moment. You can scroll up and down again, to see how it fits with the website header lines and side columns.
Next close the Preview tab or Window. Now, back in the Add New Post tab or Window, just click Publish twice, and you’re Done!
You can find and click the round portrait at upper right to Log Out, or just close the browser and shut off your computer.

When the Preview looks good, close the Preview tab (or window) and (after clicking Save again if you’re super cautious) click the “Publish” button highlighted in upper right of the Add New Post tab or window. DONE!

Now you can:
Shut down your computer, go offline, close your browser, etc. or:
Click the fancy “W” inside a circle, square black icon at upper-left, then the “Profile” icon that looks like the gray silhouette of a person inside a circle at the upper-right, and last the square “Log out” button at the left.

All this took vastly longer to type (and exponentially longer to make the video linked to above) than to actually post a PDF or image file. After a couple of posts, it takes about a minute to post a PDF. Typing up and Publishing this text post like with an added video link and image file took half an hour.


April 2022 Voice

Here’s a copy of the April 2022 Voice. You can read it here or download to print, or to enlarge it or this month’s Calendar on your screen. If you’d Like -or prefer Not- to see it posted here every month in addition to the printed version, please let SVMHA HOA President Bob Mann know.

If there’s enough interest, we’ll publish both this AND the printed version. It’s possible it could appear here before your printed version arrives. In addition, if interest merits there could be additional material published here beyond what’s in the printed version. Because it’s quick, easy and free to publish here this could then become a supplement and an additional place to watch for any news or updates before the next printed Voice is distributed.

April 2022 Calendar

Here’s a copy of the April 2022 Calendar that’s in this month’s Voice. If you’d like to see the Calendar posted here every month in addition to in the printed Voice, please let SVMHA HOA President Bob Mann know.

If there’s enough interest, we’ll publish both this and a copy of the Voice here AND in the printed version. It’s possible they’d appear here before the printed version arrives. In addition, if interest merits there could be additional material published here beyond what’s in the printed Voice. Because it’s quick, easy and free to publish here this could then become a supplement and an additional place to watch for any news or updates before the next printed Voice is distributed.

10/8/2020 Board Minutes

San Vicente Homeowners Board Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting

October 8, 2020


Bob called the Meeting to order at 7:00

Pledge of allegiance

Officers Present: Bob Mann, Tony Jimenez, Cheryl Mrachek

Board Members Present: Lilith Imbrogno, Ellen Duke, Dick Mires, Don Webb

Board Members Absent: Carolyn Howe, Cindy Enderby

The minutes from the September 10th meeting. Motion to approve by Lilith, seconded by Tony and approved by the board.

Guests: 10 guests were in attendance.

Treasurers Report: None

Social Committee Report: Luau dinner on September 26th was a big success. 40 people with four dinners to-go. As a surprise all dinners were fully refunded. October 24th is the next event. Fiesta dinner. Tacos, rice and beans, salad, salsa and chips. Beer, wine and soda included. Residents $12, Guests $15. Cutoff date to have your money in is October 17th.

DPG Report: None

GSMOL Report: No meeting this month

New Business: A resident inquired if the benches around the park could be replaced. The only decent one is the one Ed Aasted takes care of. In addition, Ed Aasted donated a new sound system/microphone to the Social Committee. (Thank you Ed for all you and Linda do for the Park)

Gopher problems continue… install owl boxes?

Mail Boxes need painting. Is the water project done? Can the street be reopened? Pool area? Cement was recently poured but residents are feeling things are way behind with many Board members being approached with the dissatisfaction felt by many residents. Lack of onsite manager brought up. Residents are very upset with the answer that mostly county’s fault. Lack on entry to the Clubhouse is particularly hard on residents with walkers or heavy loads. Question is can the front at least be done quickly so all can gain easy access to the Clubhouse again. An added plus would be Cristina could get out of the cave and terrible working conditions downstairs.

Problems not addressed in a timely manner: Where are the new street signs? Were supposed to be done by now. The Board noted the new No Parking signs which warn that your vehicle could be towed. Question was when? It is thought that 3 warnings (all kept track of at the Office with pictures taken by Security which automatically has a date stamp on it) After 3 notices your vehicle WILL be towed. Continuing and ongoing problems with the Clubhouse not being unlocked during stated hours 7 days a week from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm! One resident called the “Emergency number” twice and no one picked up (??) and then Frank was called twice and no one picked up so resident crawled through a window to gain access a little after 8:00 am on a Saturday. There is no way a resident with a problem and doesn’t want a Work Order can address it. Again, no onsite manager. Back entrance on Cathedral Oaks is looking very shabby. Just a slow walk down the street would show lots of dead, dying bushes, lots of weeds and sprinkler that apparently doesn’t work very well. Where is the new map at the front and the back one refinished? Is the bright blue house color truly approved? The committee thought that it was in the rules that it should be in earth tone shades? What happened to the white rockers on the upper deck? Can someone pay better attention to Flag protocol as to when the flag should fly at half-mast at the correct times? It is lowered many times days late and many times left down for too many days. Disrespectful.

On the plus side the TV in the dining room was replaced very quickly after the Office was told about it. Great response.

Speeding is still a problem……………..SLOW DOWN

The next HOA meeting will be on November 12, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Thank you for supporting your HOA

Motion to adjourn meeting by Bob, seconded by Tony. Adjourned at 7:55