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24 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. 1. Could the park’s Map be additionally located (or a link to it) on the first page of the website? Or perhaps make Park Map a main menu item by itself since it’s a popular item. Have heard some people say it’s hard to find.
    No new comments have been posted since 2019?
    2. Could this New Comment section be relocated (or a link to here ) near the top of this section? Again perhaps make New Comments a main menu item by itself. It’s currently at the very bottom of comments, after comments from 2015. It’s hard to find.

    Thank you for reviewing these suggestions.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. We greatly appreciate your interest and feedback, and have made the changes you suggested. Also, after our brief private email followup exchange We’ve added the small additional tweaks you suggested. We’re hopeful that other S.V. residents will continue to add Comments or use the Contact form to reach us privately via email with any requests or suggestions they may have. Your kindness in Commenting has already led to 43 new visitors to the Maps page, so we’re inspired to add there some aerial photos of SVMHP that were previously added to the Gallery on the Photos page (on the top menu, HOA -> Social -> Photos).

  2. Thanks for posting the aerial photos of the water plant construction progress. Very interesting, but hard to figure out exactly what they’re building. It looks like there are concrete forms being built for the walls of two box shaped structures (perhaps reservoirs?).
    Anyway, I had been wondering what it looked like in there.

    1. I’ve been hoping to fly over again and get updated photos to share here. If anyone gets or has other photos (drone or on-site) or info , feel free to add a Comment if you’d like us to Post it. If you’d like to learn how easy that is to do yourself, just say so.

  3. I just found out The Voice is no longer being produced. I spoke with some people at Rancho SB and found out they are using their website to include all the social events in their park. Would it be possible for our Social Committee to do the same? Charlene Hovey,

    1. Yes, as you’ve probably noticed there’s an entire section of this website created for use by the Social Committee. I’ll email you privately in case you’d like to discuss it further, or feel free to ask questions here where others can follow along.

      This site was created as a resource for the entire SVMHP community, so all owners and residents (and our families and friends) are welcome to add content on any related topic.

  4. Thanks to Ellen Duke for writing up Minutes from the important 4/27/17 “Meet & Greet” with the owners and managers who are taking over on June 1st. Though I attended the meeting, I am grateful that Ellen took time to take the notes, and clarified them with the parties involved. This will be helpful as a reference for those who did not attend, and as a record for any of us to review in future. Thank you Ellen!

  5. It says the calendar of events is on the website–“just click on calendar at the top of every page.” However, this inept homeowner is having trouble finding it. I seem to have misplaced my paper copy. Can someone help me find it? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Robbie. We don’t currently have a volunteer manually typing in the info from the paper calendar in the Voice. Let us know if you’d like to volunteer for that. It takes an hour per month or so. Right now pretty much the only new content added regularly on the website is the Board Meeting Minutes, since that’s emailed to us by the President and is thus much easier to post on this site. I’ll remove that suggestion from the site for now, so please reply if you still see it somewhere. Thanks

  6. John–Thanks so much for the pictures and explanations concerning the flood channel. Its good to have a resident aerial photographer!

  7. Where will the Flood Zone Ordinance meeting on Thursday, 5/26, take place? What time?

    1. My understanding is that it’s to be 6pm at the clubhouse, but I’m not aware of any official announcement. Perhaps Wednesday there will be an email and/or mail tube notification from the board.

    2. An unrelated question: Do you know anyone who can tell us where the SVMHP street name of Fiddleneck came from? Is it somehow a reference to the neck of a bluegrass violin?

  8. The coming board meeting should be prominently displayed; I couldn’t find it. I also couldn’t locate the March minutes of the board. Perhaps it is my inexperience with the website. Hope these comments are helpful, not just complaining.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’ve been posting the Word versions sent out but recently they’ve all been in PDF format that’s much harder to post in a way that’s readable in your browser. Just today I got both Word and PDF versions, so I’m about to post the Word version.

  9. Will the November, Dec, January calendar be put up soon?

    As of October, the monthly Happy Hour will be limited to only twice a year due to poor attendance. The website calendar needs to be corrected to reflect this change.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. Our current volunteer in charge of the Calendar has been out of touch for some time so it has not been updated. We appreciate you letting us know about the needed change, and have taken the entire Calendar off the website for now.

  10. When I accidentally clicked the aerial view Twice, I was delighted to see close up views with much more detail, and can look for specific houses including my own!

  11. Tony S.–Thanks so very much for all the time and effort you have put in to get Rules & Regs, Pet Rules and Arch. Stds. posted onto the website. I’m sure it was NOT a quick and easy job.

  12. Somehow the ability to add Comments here was turned off! Sure was a surprise to notice that just now! So I’ve fixed it, and if you had tried to add a Comment recently and saw a “Closed” sign I’m happy to announce that we’re “Open” for business again. 🙂

    In regard to the topic of Maps, I’ve reorganized the Photos page to separate Maps from Photos which are now displayed better. I also added an enlarged version of the map in the 2015 Directory that management distributed.

  13. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you SO much for this Comment you tried to add elsewhere. As we’re reworking the website things are in flux (translation: currently a bit messed up) and Comments scattered around the old site have needed to be organized. Your comment gave me the idea to create this new section where people can come to post and read comments.

    As for the Map image enlargement link, somehow in the redesign that link got mangled so I’ve fixed it. Please let me know if you now have any trouble seeing the largest version, and I hope everyone will follow your excellent example of checking things out to let us know of things for our fixit list. Many changes will probably appear over the next few weeks, and we very much need your help in smoothing it all out.

  14. 1) I’m having a problem with enlarging the Map from the Home page at the bottom. It says to click the image to enlarge it, but when I do, a msg appears that says, “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?” and that the link can’t be found. Then when I enter “Map” in search box, a 2010 msg appears asking if the map was helpful.
    2) I’ve never found a place where “Categories” are found. I see them after board members have made comments. Where are they? Can anyone post general messages somewhere for everyone to see?

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