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NOTE: This website and our HOA are intended to serve current owners and residents of the San Vicente Mobile Home Park (SVMHP). We strive to respond promptly to Contacts and Comments from SVMHP owners and residents.
all non-owner inquiries, questions and comments must be directed to the park management (805 964-9662).

 190525 2014/03/12 Meeting
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We invite all current SVMHP owners and residents to join our HOA and help to preserve and improve our community and this website. Just the act of joining the HOA empowers all of us, and those willing to engage in the discussion or volunteer can help even more. Homeowners and residents not yet ready to become an SVMHA member can still get the benefit of the information here on our website, find out what your HOA is doing on your behalf, and keep track of what else is new by perusing this website with no cost or obligation. The San Vicente Mobile Homeowners Association is a registered non-profit corporation.

Owner and Resident comments and questions about SVMHP are welcome, so to join the conversation just click here or on the Comments link atop the right column above. Owners and Residents are welcome to contact us privately, using the Contact Form at the bottom of this Page.

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How it works: In essence, there are three types of stuff you’ll find on this website.
1. Pages could be thought of as roots of a flowering tree that beautiful things grow from. You can see most of the Page names in the list of titles and sub-headings at the top of every Page. Only the SVMHA OC Administrators can create or edit Pages.
2. Posts are like items in a newspaper, magazine, pamphlet or flyer and can have images & fancy text emphasis like Underline, Bold or italic text. Posts can even just be photos with no text at all.  Someone writes Posts and either adds them (after a quick training) or sends them to one of our volunteers to do that part. Posts are listed on the Latest Page, with the most recent at the top.
3. Comments are easy for residents and owners to add themselves and may thus often be informal and brief, but could also be articles. To maintain that simplicity and ease, Comments are text only, without fancy text emphasis, and they can’t have photos. Again, you can browse what’s already been said, by clicking on the Comments Page sub-heading under the “Latest” title at the upper-right of any Page. You’ll also see a list of individual Recent Comments below the “Latest” list of Posts in the right column of every Page. You can also click this link to go directly to the full Comments Page.

The HOA Page also has sub-headings, and is where we’re putting info about the Home Owners Association, park Administration, Meeting Minutes and other assorted documents.

This is a great place to look for info on disaster preparedness from the HOA’s Disaster Preparedness Group (DPG). In the event of an emergency – after taking care of everyone and your home, visit this website if you can via a computer, tablet or smartphone and you may find helpful updates from the DPG. If possible, someone from the OC or DPG may post updates during a disaster even if power is out in our region.

Questions? Confused? Looking for Help with this website? Click on the question mark “?” at the right end of the row of titles across the top of any Page. Since much of the ?Help info was written for the oldest version of this website several years ago, you may find some things are now arranged differently than described.

Handy Map – click on the image below to enlarge it, and you can find more on the Maps page.

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We encourage SVMHP owners and residents to add public Comments so that everyone can benefit, but it’s fine if owners and residents prefer private communication for any reason. We invite owners and residents to use the Contact Form below to contact us via Private Message (PM) email with any questions about this website or the San Vicente Home Owner’s Association that would not be relevant to all our members, residents and others interested in our community. Note that messages or inquiries from non-residents and non-owners are unlikely to receive replies via this form, and are instead encouraged to contact the San Vicente Mobile Home Park office.