New Look

You may have noticed that your San Vicente Mobile Home Owners Association (HOA) website is getting a new look! Today your HOA Online Committee (O.C.) met again, and began the process of reviewing the site. Check back occasionally and you’ll begin to see many more refinements and new additions to the site in coming weeks.

We’ve also begin a process of establishing policies for the site, and will report to the HOA with recommendations and to get Board approval of Rules and Procedures for this site. Having those in place will help to ensure that this website best serves SVMHA members and their families & friends, prospective residents, and others with interest in our community.

We also began a process of dreaming up new features for the site such as social aspects of life here, photos, free classified ads, travel reports, and stories about people and interests. If you’d like to join us in adding new content on the site or just have something to send us for publication, please get in touch.


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